I'm back!

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I'm back!
Mon, 06-14-2010 - 8:50am

Wow, that was a whirlwind week...

My dad got here last weekend, we left on Monday. I thought I'd have internet the whole trip (dh has a sprint mobile card thing he plugs into his computer for internet anywhere) but it didn't get decent cell reception in the hotel room, and iVillage doesn't have a mobile site (oh how I wish they did - you guys would have posts from me all day long!)

Anyways, we had a great time. The car rental place didn't have the car we reserved, so they gave us a convertible for the same price! I LOVED it, had a blast driving around the desert all week with the top down! Dh was supposed to have classes one day, but they were cancelled, so he had a whole day off. We rented bikes and went out to the desert to Red Rock Canyon and rode. It was gorgeous. The next day I drove up to Valley of Fire (about 1.5 hrs north of Vegas) and I hiked around and took pictures all day. It was a geology major's heaven!

We ate at some great restaurants...Tao, Mario Batali's, Michael Mina's. His co-workers weren't TOO annoying this time, even hung out with them for a bit (but mostly did our own thing).

Went and saw Ka (Cirque de Soliel show) Not my first choice of show to see, but we didn't book in advance. It was good though, I really liked it.

Exhausted though coming home. We didn't "party" a lot, just didn't sleep much, nothing is even open or happening in Vegas til after 10pm, so it was a lot of 3am nights.

My dad did okay with the kids but was exhausted too. Then my MIL - ugh. She showed up a day early. Apparently she told dh Friday, but he swears she said Sat. So she arrived and surprised my dad before we were home. I felt horrible for him. Then she left with the kids on Sunday instead of Monday. I thought I was going to have two day with them, to get their stuff packed, but I only had one. So our first day back we had TWO houseguests and were scrambling around trying to do laundry, pack, get the kids a new cell phone, etc. It was hectic. But they all left Sunday morning.

So now I have the next 3 weeks kid-less. We booked our plane tickets to Costa Rica for June 25-July 4, and I am just finishing up with the hotel reservations.


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