New Here :)

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New Here :)
Sun, 12-10-2006 - 5:43pm


My name is Cheryl. I am a SAHM, and full time nursing (CMA) student in Honolulu, HI. I have 4 kids, Karissa (16), Elizabeth (13), Jordan (9 1/2), and Andrew (2 1/2). My husband is in the Navy (16 yrs). I am SO glad I found this board! There aren't very many people that I go to school with that have kids. This seems like a great board! I hope to get to know all of you.

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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 7:33pm

Hi Cheryl! Welcome to the board. I just found it a few weeks ago and it is such a great place to have people who understand exactly what you are going through to lean on. My name is Kathy and I have 3 kids: Kate(5), Emmy(3.5) and Kevin(16mos) and I just started a program to get my BS in nursing. I already have a business degree so all of my prereqs/electives transferred over. Just have to finish up my sciences although I am taking a nursing class this semester. How far along are you in your progam? What classes are you taking?

Welcome again!

PS I LOVE Hawaii! We went there on our honeymoon and can't wait to get back.

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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 10:26pm

Aloha Cheryl!

I am Brittany 29 with 5 kids, taking prerequistes for the LVN or RN program.

I have been to Oahu before and I loved it, I would love to visit the other islands.



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Mon, 12-11-2006 - 12:05am

Hi Cheryl,

Welcome to the board!

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I am JenB, mom to my 4 kids (info in siggie), wife to Lewis for 8 years. I am currently attending the local community college to get my associate's degree in nursing. I will be graduating in May of 2008.

This is a great group of ladies, very supportive of everyone...Us Moms have to stick together!!!!



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Mon, 12-11-2006 - 5:17pm

Welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Tue, 12-12-2006 - 6:16pm

Welcome Cheryl!! I'm also new here and going back to school to be a nurse! Looks like there are quite a few of us here in nursing! That's wonderful! :) Looking forward to getting to know you!