Thank goodness it's over!

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Thank goodness it's over!
Sat, 12-09-2006 - 7:21am

Well, I took my 3 final exams this week (4 if you count take-home essay for one class). It was a brutal few days. I was exhausted on Wed due to Jacob being sick (got a 97% on that exam, go figure). I didn't feel prepared at all for my exam on Thursday, but got an 87% on that one, which I was happy -- it was a hard test. But yesterday... ugh. Whatever Jacob had on Wednesday, I got Thursday afternoon. Spent the better part of 12 or so hours throwing up. I was so exhausted for my 8am final that I still don't remember how I managed it. I don't think I did very well, either. I wasn't able to study at all on Thursday for it, and since I had been studying for my other exams during the week, it fell by the wayside. Luckily we had so many points during the semester, I don't think even a bad grade could hurt me too much.

I have 3 final grades so far: A- in Administrative Law, A in Interviewing, and A in Personality. 3 more grades left, probably will not have those until mid-week next week.

I'm feeling much better, having slept from about 3pm until 5am. I'm going to clean the apartment today since it looks like a hurricane went through the place! I'm so glad that the semester is over. So looking forward to relaxing for a bit!

Hope everyone is faring well with studies/exams!

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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 10:22pm

Sounds like you did pretty good on your finals despite coming down with the yuckies...

Just think now you can breathe until Jan :)



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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 10:03pm
Woohooo!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

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Sun, 12-10-2006 - 7:38pm

COngrats on being done with your finals and some awesome grades!! I am jealous that you are done already. My 3 are this week and I cannot wait. I hope you are feeling better and are able to enjoy some down time.

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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 11:56am
Way to go on those grades girl!!!!!

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