Tips on going to school while pregnant/ after baby

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Tips on going to school while pregnant/ after baby
Wed, 08-29-2012 - 1:58pm

Anyone here go to school while pregnant or with newborn?  I would love any tips you have or information you have.  I am due Nov 14, but I usually deliver early.  I am only taking one class this semester, but trying to decide on winter semester.  Any advice would be appreciated. :smileyhappy: 

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I have been in school when both of my sons were born, the last one was December 2011. That semester I only had two classes, and one of them was strictly an online class, while the other I had to attend a physical classroom for. I simply let the professor know up front that I was (obviously) pregnant and when my due date was (which was about a week after final exams) in case I happened to deliver while school was still in session. The semester after he was born, I took two online classes so that I didn't have to leave him while attending school. This semester, however, I am in school all day on Tuesdays! And while it is not ideal, it is very do-able, even with me still breastfeeding/pumping (which I do in my car between classes).
My best advice is to let your current professors know that you are pregnant, when your due date is, and that you usually deliver early so that they are prepared ahead of time for your possible disappearance. As for winter semester, I would say it depends on when that semester starts and whether or you could take online classes. Also, remember to take into consideration if you HAVE to take a class in order to stay enrolled, etc.
Good luck, and Congratulations!