Weekend Check-In and question

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Weekend Check-In and question
Sat, 09-11-2010 - 11:20am

1. What's going on this weekend? Anything interesting?

2. Name three scents that you LOVE... :)

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Sat, 09-11-2010 - 11:22am

1. What's going on this weekend? Anything interesting?
Work...work...and more work. Plus classwork. In a few weeks I have a Saturday off...the WHOLE day off! DH and I are going to a concert that evening, so it should be fun. I am REALLY looking forward to a day off...can you tell? :)

2. Name three scents that you LOVE... :)
Chocolate chip cookies (while they're baking)
Cotton Candy

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Sat, 09-11-2010 - 1:18pm

this weekend is going to be uneventful. I am taking the girls to the park in 45 mins for a picnic and playtime. I have HW that needs to get started. oh and figure out when to get the housework done.

3 scents:
Aveda rosemary mint shampoo
Tortilla Soup simmering on the stove.

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Sun, 09-12-2010 - 11:14am

Thought I'd pop by and check in!

This weekend - well, I'm sick. Its just a stupid cold, but it put a dent in my running/biking plans. I was supposed to run 9 miles yesterday, bike 35 today and here I am sitting on the couch.

Spent yesterday working on a 6pg handwritten lab report. My chem teacher is slightly insane (and extremely old-school) and makes us write lab reports on these carbon copy notebook pages that we tear out and hand in. She has really strict guidelines and is very EXACT with everything, no leeway, so I hope I did it all right. But oh well, seriously I am only shooting for passing this class.

Today I'm going to work on getting notes and flash cards together for my first mineralogy exam in about two weeks. LOVE that class, really, really LOVE it. Professor is really cool, laid back, explains things well.

Name three scents that you LOVE... :)
- my Bath and Body Works Lemon Vanilla lotion
- Wallflowers Kitchen Spice
- that good old coconut suntan oil smell

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Sun, 09-12-2010 - 4:54pm

Oooo..coffee...I love the smell of coffee. I realize I like a lot of food-oriented scents ;)

I forgot that one of my FAVORITE scents of all time was a spice necklace from Grenada. The scent was seriously intoxicating! It only lasts for a few days because it's made "fresh" (sliced nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, etc.). I was told if you boil it the scent comes back, but sadly, that didn't really work. But that's one of my favorite scents of all time.

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Mon, 09-13-2010 - 3:03pm

I'm late on this but we went apple picking on Saturday. It's near an old Underground Railroad site so we visited there also. The kids were fussing before we left but ended up having a good time & the weather was beautiful!

My favorite scents -

1) choc chip cookies -


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