Hello, an introduction here :)

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Hello, an introduction here :)
Thu, 05-03-2012 - 5:42pm

My name is Sara, and my DS is Quinn. I think I'm going to be a little different than anyone else on this board, because I want to raise both of my kids bilingual, however, neither DH nor I fully speak another language. I do speak some Spanish, and a lot of it has been coming back to me now that I'm back in school and taking classes again. So I've been working with Quinn with what I know and he is soaking it up like a sponge (just like he does everything else, lol). One awesome thing we have available to us is a dual language magnet school that I've been trying to convince DH to get our son on the waiting list for. He has some valid reasons for not liking it, as he speaks no Spanish at all, which is what the school teaches in, 50-50 with English. I need to call the school and ask if they have any kind of open house for parents who want to know more to go to, maybe that will help convince him. My mom has said, just get him on the list, then we can change our minds later if we choose to. I'm not comfortable doing that behind DH's back though, so I won't. The school actually starts at kindergarten 90% English, 10% Spanish; goes to 80-20 in first grade; 70-30 in second and so on, until they get to 50-50.

Anyways, that's us, looking forward to making some new virtual friends here :smileyhappy: