Extreme parenting or child abuse?

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Extreme parenting or child abuse?
Wed, 02-08-2012 - 7:07pm

On a visit to the US, a Chinese father took his 4YO son running through the icy streets of NYC in just his underwear and shoes.

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Wed, 02-08-2012 - 11:17pm

That's a tough one, my first instinct would be to say it is barbaric really, but then as ou said certain things are acceptable in other cultures, I see that happening here daily. So to determine child abuse one must take the actual feeling of the child regardless of the culture. In that video I though the kid seems to not be too happy about it, I can't tell if he is in pain though, but then again i think as a teen in a national competition level Synchronized swimming team I was complaining more than this kiddo when our coach asked us to swimm too many laps or asked we lift mor weight in the gym, or pushed me down gently to get into that split position.

And I actually understand that child's father reasoning, gradual exposure to certain things do indeed thoughen the body and immune system, there is a scientifically explainable reasoning behind that father's action.
I've heard of crazier totally unscientifically sound practices done in India such as burrying mentally disabled children in the sand up to the neck during a solar eclipse and forcing them to stare at the sun to cure them from their mental illnesses, now that is cruel, and should not be culturally acceptable as it is harmful in many ways and has no benefit whatsoever and fall under sick superstitions rather than scientific albeit unconventional methods.

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