The Importance of Teaching a Child a Second Language

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The Importance of Teaching a Child a Second Language
Mon, 02-07-2011 - 3:41am

What one or more factors encouraged you to teach your child a second language?

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"If your child seems uninterested in learning the new language, don't force him; instead try again at a later time, or on the next day".

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I guess in my family it's just taken for granted that one has to be at least bilingual Indonesian-English if not multi-lingual. It's been like this for a few generations now on both sides of the family. Then again, a lot of Indonesians are bilingual Indonesian + their ethnic language, and many add English to that if not another foreign language.

It's just not the language and the career opportunities that it offers, but when one properly learns a language it can be a window to better understanding another culture, another way of thinking, looking at things and being - or the ability to understand in which way we are similar even with all our differences.

I think if I would have had a child, I'd have taught my child to also speak French because that is so very much a part of me and what makes me me. When my nephew was a baby I used to sing French children's songs to him, because I didn't know any in Indonesian. Up to last year those were still the songs he requested me to sing to him when he was sick and needed comforting.