What is the value of "Me time" in different culture

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What is the value of "Me time" in different culture
Fri, 02-10-2012 - 9:57pm

Ishi's playschool year is finishing in almost 2 months and her school already sent out notes asking us to book seats for the next year, Ishi is one of the big girl in her batch so she goes to nursery class next year, and when one of the mom showed us the pper with the fee structure and timing I saw to my relief that they had two batch option available, one morning one afternoon, and I immediately said "Yes they have a 12pm to 2.30pm batch!" and two of the other moms looked at me quizzically saying "Really you plan to put her in the afternoon?" And I said yeah why? that's the perfect batch, I will be done with the morning mayhem, the maid is gone at 11 and I can finally have my me time.
Another mom ventured that it's a bad batch time because or kids need to nap, or they don't get to eat a fresh homecooked lunch on time.
My reasoning was that once I send out Ishi to school it's my only 2 hours of guaranteed peace and quiet in the house and I don't want to be bothered by garbage collectors, the maid's multiple questions about cleaning, or even give her the idea that she can work longer in my home.
Then one of the mom actually agreed that I had a very valid point and that yes Me time is important too, another ventured that you can still lock yourself in your room when the maid is there, but I challeneged that I don't want to feel under observation in my own home resulting in me locking up things or myself away from the people I hire to help with household (actually one of the reason why I refuse to have a full time maid like many middle class families in India get after having kids).

Things are changing in India, but the notion of Me time for women is a new one, my MIL's generation pride themselves on being domestic goddesses, ruling the staff, and being at the service of everybody, and just have their entire lives shape themselves around the need of their kids and families. A notion I am not foreign with because my Gran mother's generation was the same, and in both my grand ma generation and my MIL's it results in cases of bitterness in old age.

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That's a really good question!