Welcome! Welcome! Weekend 3/8-3/10

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Welcome! Welcome! Weekend 3/8-3/10
Fri, 03-08-2013 - 11:24am

I thought I would start a weekend thread to give us all a place to try out our home again. :) Try changing your siggy, adding tickers, anything that we used to do. Please let me and iV know if you are running into any issues!

So what's up this weekned?

I know Deb is going to have the best weekend at Disney!! Since I am a total stalker I put her schedule down on my calander on my phone so I know where they are and what they are doing every day (I know, I told you I was a total stalker!). Today they are hitting Epcot WS and are trying Cape May Cafe for breakfast. I am so interested to hear how that was! Tomorrow is their DHS day and they are doing H&V again-one that the girls really enjoy. :) Sunday will be a down day to help ease themselves into the time change (don't forget! time change on Sat!!). That time change is tough on us from Central time when it hits at WDW-it leaves us 2 hours behind. *yawn* She has a resort day with Boma for breakfast and HDDR for dinner. :)

Not too much going on here. We're gonna head to the lake tomorrow for an hour or so and then who knows what we will get into. I think I see some frozen yogurt in my weekend though. ;) Sunday it's supposed to rain here all day so I think we will hole up in the living room and watch some movies (we have Beasts of the Southern Wild, Wreck It Ralph & the new Twilight movie). Not sure we will watch Breasts of the Southern Wild with Robbie but the others we will probably watch in the living room. Tonight, Grimm comes back and that is a family favorite here so we'll be having a Grimm party with pizza. :)

What's up with everyone else?

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