AKL Day 3 November 10th Last FULL DAY of FUN

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AKL Day 3 November 10th Last FULL DAY of FUN
Mon, 11-29-2010 - 8:47pm

After a sleep-in and some “grown-up style” waking up ;), we headed out on our “expotition” (as Winnie the Pooh says), a hunt. To hunt down as many mammals and birds from the hotel-provided “field book” (actually just a list on a sheet of paper lol). We weren’t out for the kill, though, just for pictures and/or video.

We found as many as we could here at Jambo House , but some of the animals have to be separated from others to prevent “family dysfunction” as it were lol. So we had to get ourselves over to Kidani Village for others, such as the ostrich and stork, not to mention the okapi, eland and impala among others. Well we found these guys, red river hogs, fighting over some provided snacks and providing us

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Mon, 11-29-2010 - 10:38pm

Lots of animals, free stuff, new friends, and EOS-can't beat it!! What a great day. I love me some EOS. Yummy!!!!!

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Tue, 11-30-2010 - 1:54pm

How fun! It's so neat that you made some new friends and I LOVE the EOS too!!! I'd go there again and again. I think their prices are great and the food is wonderful. It's the best place to pay oop IMO.