Alaska 2012 - Day 2 the Jewel

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Alaska 2012 - Day 2 the Jewel
Mon, 08-06-2012 - 7:51pm

I woke up early and could not get back to sleep. I knew at some point the Jewel would come into port. . .so I would try to sleep, then check the window. . .then try to sleep. . .then check the window. Was bad.. . . . Meanwhile, the ferris wheel from the balcony looked pretty neat all lit up.


It was truly hours before the Jewel came into port, but I was still up & waiting. . . . .so I got her. :smileyvery-happy:Photobucket

 And then I took a shower and waited for everyone else to get up.

Everyone was up about 6:00, so we decided to make John's day and hike up to CJ's for breakfast. He loved this place last year. And while it is not far, it is up one very San Fransisco-ish incline. My thighs hurt just thinking about it. When we walked out side. . .there was. . .a CAB! So we snagged it. LOL. I swear I heard my thighs sing!

Maddie made a Mickey out of her pancake again this year. Photobucket

John got his beloved Belltown omelet. LOL. Then we walked back down to the hotel and got our luggage ready.

I'm still not sure what this is. . .looks like a father/daughter morning greeting, yes? They were wiggling their butts at each other through the window. Photobucket

Everyone is ready to go. . . Photobucket

We gathered our suitcases and headed over to the pier at 11:00 am. Just a short walk. Once there check in was quick & we were escorted up to the VIP area. :smileyhappy: After a bit our concierge, John, escorted us onto the ship - when we they swiped our cards though, they didnt' work. But we were told not to worry about it, they would take care of it - and we were taken to Cagney's for lunch.

Cagney's for lunch:


John then needed a dip of tobacco so excused himself. He said he was going to hit up the front desk to see about getting our cards fixed while the girls finished up their lunch. The announcement came over that the rooms were all ready - and the server came with our check. Sadly, my card (of course) didn't work and John was not back yet. He wrote it out on a piece of paper for me to sign, while I texted John - he was on his way back with new cards. Now, lunch is free - however John and I toasted with booze (cuz we are just that way) which is of course extra. John got back with all new/workable cards and all was good now.

Okay, on to the room. :smileyhappy: We got the 2 bedroom family suite again. It seemed odd to us as it was flipped from what we experienced last year.

Every time I went to take a pic, my kids would jump into as fast as they could - not to miss an opportunity to be in a picture. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

 Now, the funniest thing is the picture over the bed in the master bedroom. Granted, I'm surprised they put it in a "family" suite. But my DDs were so "eeeeewwww" over it that they never wanted to sleep in this room. Photobucket

They wanted to know why the ship put a naked pic of an Avatar girl over the bed. :smileyhappy:Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

After pic time we headed down to the muster drill. Then back to finish unpacking. I had made reservations pre cruise for an early dinner at Teppanyaki, since I knew it was everyone's favorite.

While we were sitting there the concerge brought up a bottle of wine on the house to enjoy. There were only 5 of us in there - my family + a man from Australia. He was pretty nice, a retired elementary school teacher. Was interesting to chat with. Before we knew what country he was from John mentioned his accent, and he said "me, I don't have an accent you four do". LOL. Perspective.

Mickie was already falling asleep during dinner and before the end was asking to go to bed already. We did make her sit it out, and the chef was very nice to her. (Teppanyaki is NCL's version of Teppan Edo).

Okay, so we finally make it back to our suite. . both girls are knocking out and I had an unwelcome vistor (TMI warning). AF. Grrrrrr. John then let me know he had arranged a birthday surprise for me the next day. . ..a couple's massage followed by a marital shower. Yeah, so not going to happen. So he called the concierge to cancel and try to get back up ideas for my birthday. . . .what did he come up with? I don't know yet.

Okay, so only 8:30 pm and on a cruise what to do. . .what to do. . . .being one wild an crazy family - we all went to bed. Ricardo the room steward had come to turn the beds down. . .both girls decided to share the fold out bed instead of one taking the pull down bunk. Photobucket

And then the butler, Cris brought some snack items. . . . . the girls ate the grapes & pear for dessert before I could get a picture.

Photobucket Photobucket

The girls let him know they loved the gummy bears they got last year. . .and Cris said he would make sure they got some this time around too. LOL. Can you say spoiled? I have to say though - they did ask nicely & respectfully.

Tomorrow is a sea day & hopefully we'll find more to do. . . .

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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 10:54am

I'm glad you went to CJ's. :smileyhappy: Oh and the taxi was an awesome idea. LOL

I LOVE your suite. You would have a hard time getting me out of that tub with the window overlooking the ocean. Ok, well, not while in port-that might scare someone-but on a sea day, you could find me there. :smileyhappy:

Well, I know you said you didn't do much Nick stuff but I KNOW I saw some pics in your FB with characters so I am curious about those. I'll be watching for them to pop up in your TR. :smileyhappy:

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