Alaska 2012 - Day 8 Victoria Part 2 and going home

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Alaska 2012 - Day 8 Victoria Part 2 and going home
Mon, 08-13-2012 - 5:05pm

There were a lot of buses on the pier. We walked down until we found the one with a sign matching our tickets - and got one. What was the plan for today? Whale watching. . . .I wondered if it would be as exciting as Juneau last year.

On the plus side, it was a beautiful day. We had several days of rain (Ketchikan/Juneau) but thankfully nice weather in Skagway & Victoria.

Victoria is just beautiful. Photobucket 

The bus dropped us off at the wrong place at the port. :smileyvery-happy: So we were escorted around the pier. Was a neat place, little dining places, some performers, etc.

Houseboats. Photobucket

As my DDs always seem to grab the back seat on the buses, we were the last ones on the boat. . .all the upper level viewing areas were aleady taken. :smileysad: So we went inside and sat.   Later we were thankful as people on top started to complain about how cold it was up there.   

Oh, and we had two people on our boat that made it extra interesting to the M&Ms.   Duo Elina was on the whale watching tour with us.   At one point Madison managed to get close enough to tell the wife just how beautiful she thought she was.    The young woman smiled and thanked her.   

The boat went very far out, and fairly fast. One girl that was sitting across from us ran out of the boat, and had her head over the side most of the trip now. After a good 30 minutes we slowed down. A humpback was spotted. It seemed like there were several boats all chasing this one whale. Seemed sad.

Anyhow, he would come up and you'd get a glimpse of him - but not really a great picture opportunity. Photobucket Photobucket

After what seemed like forever, and lots of snapping - I finally got a small tail shot Photobucket

After that I took some pics of the pretty mountains. . .something you just don't see in Houston. Photobucket

We started to head back, I was more than a little bummed. The water was getting rough and more people were on the side getting sick. My DDs thankfully thought it was all fun and said "weeee" when the boat rocked. On our way back someone came on the radio to say they spotted a pod of Orcas. The 4 of us went out on the back of the boat - and I'll be darned if they weren't heading straight in our direction. Photobucket

After last year, when the whales went under our boat - I handed John the camera and told him I was getting the girls back inside. I remember how badly the boat rocked when the whales went underneath.

John took more pics. . .. Photobucket

It's hard to see in these pics, but there is one orca that is a bit orangish in color. The captain of the boat said that is their color until they get about a year old.   John swore he got a pic of the baby, but I've yet to see a good one.

This pod had 5 all together. Photobucket

This was nice, but after last year - it wasn't as impressive. I had wanted to go to the Butchart Gardens but gave in. Next time. . .no backing down. :smileyvery-happy:

We went back to the ship, about 6:30 pm. We got cleaned up and headed down to Azura for dinner. We asked for Jenny but were told it was her night off. . . Andrew was full, but they said they would find something. They basically gave us a table in someone else's area and assigned Andrew to it. He was such a nice guy, we exchanged FB names. He also bought the girls each a Dora doll

Well, while we were sitting there a woman came and plopped down next to us. At first we didn't recognize her. . .it was Jenny, in casual clothes & her hair down. We asked if she was allowed to join us, since she was off the clock - and she was. So we bought her a few drinks, and we had a nice visit. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Jenny took pics with her camera phone & I saw them on FB later.  I thought it was funny as one said something about "Me and Madison" and the other said "Me and Makayla".  But both were pics of Madison.  :smileyhappy:

We said our goodbyes, passed out thank you cards - and headed back to our room. We had the girls go to bed while John and I sipped our ice wine and packed.

Cris stopped by with cookies. . .

Saturday morning - Day 9.

We did the bags program (NCL has the luggage transported and checked in for you). So we decided to just walk off early and allow time in case we get pulled by imigration again. We didn't. LOL. So now we had lots of time to wait.

Eventually my phone rang - it was Marvin. . he asked me to flap my arms so he could get an idea where we were. We found each other. . .

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Marvin dropped us off at the airport. Shook hands, girls hugged him. And off we went.

Once inside the airport security, etc. we found a place to eat breakfast and waited for our departure time.

Sniff, sniff. That's it. We went home. :smileysad:



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I missed most of your posting when I was out in the woods of MS (cue banjos).

I agree with Tawnya-what a great trip!! I can't help but think about all the wonderful memories the girls will have of their childhood trips and you can bet they will strive to give thier kids all that you guys have given them. :smileyhappy:

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I hope they grow up with good memories.    I've been slowly putting together photo albums for them - with special pics from when they were babies, and from vacations.

I think I'm going to get away with them still believing in characters & Santa Claus come our November cruise.   I had asked them if they thought it was cool to meet Spongebob & Patrick as I was curious if they suspected they were people in costumes - like they sometimes do.    Maddie said she felt bad because she wished she had thought to ask them how to get to bikini bottoms so she could have lunch at the Krusty Krab.  She sounded very sincere - so I'm thinking I still have some time left.    They'll be 9 in a couple of months, so I know the day is coming sooner than I would like.