Ch 7 where is the ketchup. . . .

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Ch 7 where is the ketchup. . . .
Mon, 09-10-2012 - 7:41pm
We made it to WCC with no time to spare and then to top it off we had a 30 minute wait, I think this was the longest we waited for any meal and then our meal took evern longer. By the time our buzzer went off everyone was restless cause well we were all hungry and also ready to get back to MK cause it closed at midnight.
Once we were seated we ordered our drinks and then a waitress came and took Jace by the hand cause she said she needed strapping young men for a job.
Turns out it was some little girls bdays and they took the little boys to go sing them happy birthday,lol
Then the waitress told them they had to give each of them a kiss on the cheek and the boys scattered, well all but one, Jace looked at me and said can I!lol I told him no and lets go back to our table, he is so his daddy. Of course we ordered the skillet, why because we like it!lol The mashed potatoes were very good this round,they had a funny tastle but man that chicken was oh so yummy. We even skipped dessert so we could get out of there to get to MK.
Emmari decided she was too big to participate in the stick horse race but not Jace he raced around I dont know how many times. After a very very long dinner it was time to head to MK which closes at Midnight and we made it there by 10 so we are in a rush. . . . .

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 9:43pm

Man, Whispering Canyon must be getting more popular b/c I'm with you in that I have never waited for than 15 minutes there. Looks like it was a really good time even though it took awhile. :smileyhappy:

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