Chapter 10 - A little tea & and exit stage right

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Chapter 10 - A little tea & and exit stage right
Sun, 04-01-2012 - 9:41am

We slept in - we had nowhere to be until our Perfectly Princess tea. Once we were up, we dressed & finished packing. I told the girls I had another surprise for them, and suggested they dress nice. Maddie asked if she could wear her new dress, I said yes. I tried to urge Mickie to wear her Rapunzel dress, but she said she didn't want to. So she put on shorts & a shirt.

We called for a bellman to come take our bags down and store them until it was ME time (our flight home was not until 6:00 pm). Well the bellman was wonderful - he had the same last name as our's so the girls told him we must be related somehow. He did a few magic tricks, and let them help him push the luggage to store it. After he gave them stickers. He asked where we were going - and I told him for a treat at the GF, he told the girls if they should see an extra cookie anywhere to bring him one.

We then made our way to GF. Photobucket Photobucket

The girls were pretty excited when they saw where we were checking in. They had no idea what the Perfectly Princess tea was - but they saw other little girls dressed up in their princess dresses. MIckie pouted about what she was wearing, so I offered to take her upstairs to see if we could buy her a dress - but she declined. Photobucket Photobucket



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I agree-shorter is better for us too. Disney is tiring and even with a break in the days-you have to travel to get anywhere and do anything and it gets tiresome after a few days.

I love the pics of the tea! It looks like it is a very special treat for the girls. I might have to borrow my neice and do that sometime. I bet I can borrow one of Tara's girls too. ;) The girls look very happy the whole time and even look happy on the "sad" bus. I think they were missing their Daddy on this trip-as were you.

Oh yea, and the bellman sounds extra special. I love coming across people like that who just seem to love thier jobs. :)

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Aw, can't believe it's over.
Your vacation seems really laid back. The girls look really happy in all of the pics so I think they just soaked up the magic of their surroundings and it didn't really matter what you were doing- you were doing it at Disney. :) Sounds like a wonderful time over all.