Chapter 5 - To GSC or not to GSC, that is the question

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Chapter 5 - To GSC or not to GSC, that is the question
Thu, 12-01-2011 - 10:30am

It's Monday, Great Stirrup Cay day. :)

The night before Anoop (the Conceirge) dropped off a VIP tender card. It told us where to meet him if we wanted to tender early - so we wouldn't have to wait with the riff raff. ;) John said as muggy as it was on the balcony, he really had no desire to go to the beach.

I woke up early. . . .doesn't Mickie (on the right) look comfortable on my bed? Photobucket

Since I was sure we were not getting off the ship, I let everyone else sleep. Eventually we docked, and my family woke up. We decided to head to Cagneys for breakfast. Since it is a suite perk, we assumed it would not be crowded - and it wasn't.

The girls asked if we were going to get off the ship, and I offered up a suggestion of staying on the ship and enjoying the pool slide & bowling alley while everyone else is on the island - they liked that idea. There was also a craft at 1:00 pm the girls wanted to do. So we ate our breakfast, everything settled. . . .right?

Well, after breakfast we went back to our room and John. . .well, he said "you know, it might be nice to at least see the island". Now, I was okay with either suggestion. . . .but I like to preplan, I am no fly by the seat person. So. we are going to try to get on the island, and back in time to make the 1:00 pm craft the girls want to do. So we rush. Shorts, shirts, sun screen, money - go. . . . . notice anything missing? I didn't until we were on the tender. . .camera. No camera.

Getting to GSC wasn't really pretty. They are apparently expanding it - so there were work trucks everywhere. When we got off the tender there was a small straw village set up, and the girls wanted to shop, they always want to shop - what is up with that?!



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Oh I can't wait to see the pic!! :)

GSC looks really nice but they need umbrellas like CC. ;) I love Hermie. :)

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Some of the loungers had the clam-type tops so you could pull them over for shade.



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Wow, that sky looks amazing. So blue. As does the water. But you are right, the rows and rows of loungers is offputting.

At least you got to get off and see it and now you can say you did:)

Can't wait to hear about the rest of the day.
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Oy, that John, just like Mark always changing our ADRs at DW!

In peace,