Chapter 6 - post GSC

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Chapter 6 - post GSC
Sun, 12-04-2011 - 1:45pm

After we left Great Stirrup Cay, we went back to the ship to get cleaned up.

Here is Mickie enjoying the tub. . .while watch tv. Funny kid. Photobucket

After we were all cleaned up & changed. . .we headed up to the buffet for a quick bite before the craft class. On the way out the door we bumped into Mario (the room steward) who asked if someone had slept on the couch. . .and we told him how the rocking of the ship made the bunkbed scary for the girls - so he said he would make sure to fix up the sofa for the evening. We then made our way to the buffet, where we ran into Marie. Course, the girls were alllll over her, even tried to drag her out of the cafe with them. :)

We then headed down to the craft area - they were making Treasure boxes. While I was helping the girls, John realized how close we were to the casino, and bowed out. I think the craft was a hit.

Mickie with her box

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Sun, 12-04-2011 - 2:35pm

Looks like a great afternoon/evening. I love the pic of Mickie in the tub-LOL.

I think those boxes are beautiful. They did a great job on them!

The strawberries look good to me and so does that last picture-very, very pretty. I would enjoy that view immensely.

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Sun, 12-04-2011 - 9:06pm

Looks like a great afternoon!

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Mon, 12-05-2011 - 9:51am

Looks like a great day!

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Mon, 12-05-2011 - 12:38pm
What an awesome day. Love your pics. That was the first time I realized how long the girls' hair has gotten! Wow! At least the girls got to try out that slide! So cool. It sounds just marvelous and wonderful.
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Mon, 12-05-2011 - 4:07pm

Is Mickie actually taking a bath, or just watching the bathroom t.v. from the tub lol?

The craft boxes look very pretty, and what a nice memento from the trip.

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