Chapter 9 - It's a Grand (Cayman) Thanksgiving

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Chapter 9 - It's a Grand (Cayman) Thanksgiving
Wed, 12-07-2011 - 11:36am

Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Anoop left us some priority tender tickets. They allow us to go to the front of the tender line whenever we should decide to get off the ship. Having only tendered at GSC, we weren't sure how it would work - but apparently everyone goes to one location to get tender tickets. .. and they call #s out over the speaker.

We went down and had breakfast at Summer Palace, and then got ready to get off the ship. So here we are - excited faces on the tender. Think they have enough sun screen? LOL Photobucket Photobucket

John didn't like his swim shoes, and the girls shoes were giving them problems while in Jamaica. So when we got off the ship we went shopping. Mickie accidently knocked over a small shell turtle and it broke. I picked up the pieces to take to the register when the woman started to yell at me "you have to pay for that". It really pissed me off, I'm standing there with it in my hand - so it wasn't like I was trying to be sneaky. Mickie bursted into tears. I moved to another sales clerk, hoping they work on commission, and told her we broke this $4 turtle and were not trying to get away without paying for it - and could she ring it up along with the water shoes. She apologized for her co worker and did so. She started to throw the turtle away and I stopped her. I pointed out I paid for it, it was still a lovely shell - and I wanted it. Then I went to calming Mickie down. Afterall, it was an accident. . a lesson. . .and thankfully only a $4 one. I also explained the first woman probably had people that would break stuff & run so that was why she yelled, not knowing we would be honest. .. .

John & the girls swapped their old swim shoes for the new ones and we went to meet our excursion group. A Pirate Encounter. Now this wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be - it is a small ship, and it felt crowded to me. But the kids had a blast. The girls consider themselves Florida pirates after being sworn in one year at WDW, so now they claim they are double pirates after being sworn in here.

After they were sworn in, they were given scrub brushes to swab the deck with. Photobucket

The father in orange was tied up for saying "because I said so" about why kids have to do things. His daughter is the one in front of him in purple. .she was given the option to pardon him, she did not. So he was treated to a bucket of ice water. Thankfully he was a good sport about it. Photobucket

We shot cannonballs at a Carnival ship. . . .they were pretty darn loud. Photobucket Photobucket

Eventually John jumped off the back of the ship into the sea. . .. Photobucket

Mickie joined him, via the ladder Photobucket Photobucket

The water was absolutely beautiful. Eventually Maddie cracked and joined them too. Photobucket

Maddie just wanted to be able to tell her teacher that she swam in the Caribbean sea, as they have been learning about oceans/seas in school.

AFter they swam for a while they came back up. . . .Mickie decided to go back to scrubbing the deck. . .she told one of the pirates she needed more water. . .. so. . .he gave it to her!


Mickie decided to start a mutiny Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And then she took over the ship Photobucket

Maddie helped Photobucket

They served rum punch on the ship - I didn't care for it so just had water. John had a few. there was a woman on there with 2 children, who wasn't watching her children. . .at one point her 4 year old was found drinking directly out of the rum punch nozzle. After he was stopped, he kept begging for more. :)

They had a good time on this ship Photobucket

We went around our ship - but didn't fire cannonballs. :) We did watch a parasailer go by. .. Photobucket

Pirate encounter over, we went back into port and did some more shopping. I don't remember what the girls bought, but I got a Christmas tree ornament. :) We then went back to the ship. . .it was about 3:00 pm, and our dinner reservations were for 5:00 pm. We found some more goodies though to tide us over. I remember taking pics of the items, but don't see them in photobucket. From my notes I have that this was the day Jojit brought us a tray of brownies.. . .and Klaus (the hotel manager) brought us a plate of cheeses w/crackers.

Dinner was nice. We had a typical Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, dressing, yams, mashed potatoes, corn, brocolli, salad, and pumpkin cheesecake. I got kind of frustrated as Jim & his family were seated by us. .. . and they asked the girls to come sit with them so John & I could have "adult " time. Nice gesture, but it was Thanksgiving. Maddie declined, but Mickie asked if she could and we let her. She came back later and told us they asked her a lot of questions about what kind of cars we drove, and what kind of house we had, and what kind of work we did. This was when our like of them turned south. Just odd questions to pose to an 8 year old.

Various senior staff members went around to the tables wishing a Happy Thanksgiving. It was nice.

After dinner we all 4 went down to the bliss lunge. They played a game called Silly Song Trivia. It was kind of funny as they started to play one song, and to my surprise the M&Ms got up and started to dance to it. . .it was the Chicken dance.

It's dark, and I just had my cell phone - so this is hard to make out. But the Bliss lounge has some different kind of furniture in it.

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That pirate things sounds pretty fun- even though they put the kids to work, LOL! Wonder if I could get my kids to clean if we played "pirates"? Might have to try it! That would be pretty funny.

I can see why people gain weight on cruises. Wow, they keep bringing you tons of yummy things.

I agree, that whole thing with Jim is very weird and actually would scare the bejeebers out of me. I would be done with them at that point. Creepy. I mean what honest reason could they have for wanting to know all that stuff? I mean "what do you do for a living?" is a pretty standard question, but not "what kind of car/house do you have?"

It sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Definitely one for the memory banks!
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Oh wow the Carribean Sea is beautiful!

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The pirate ship looked fun-esp. for the girls. :) I can see kids really enjoying that one-esp. firing the cannonballs. ;)

That water really is so beautiful. Did you not swim or were you the appointed photographer? ;)

Thanksgiving sounds good-esp. with the extra goodies. It sounds so nice to watch a dvd in your awesome stateroom while enjoying the munchies. Sounds just about perfect to me. :)

I have to agree about Jim & family-just weird and more than mildly annoying. I would have tried to steer clear of them from then on. Why in the heck would you ask those questions of a child? Creepy was a good description. I see why you would not ever take them up on an offer to visit with them when you are in FL. No thanks creepy used car salesman.

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Jim and his family live outside of Tampa.

When Mickie was telling us she asked us what a culdesac was. .. and I asked her why she needed to know.

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Really? How did he know you lived on a culdesac if you hadn't mentioned it. VERY creepy. I hope you never see that weirdo again! I'm glad he didn't ask what school.

I am waiting to hear about that dolphin encounter:)
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I can't imagine any conversation that would lead to us sharing we lived on a culdesac.

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ooooh, going there now!!!!!
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The pirate adventure looks awesome!

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Woo hoo for priority tendering!

In peace,