Guess what time it is?

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Guess what time it is?
Wed, 11-16-2011 - 5:52pm

Time for a TR, that's what :).

So you know we went down to Tampa on Oct. 19, a few days prior to our DW visit.

We already knew (from the phone call dh got from the condo-board president who is also our FL neighbor) that there was a leak somewhere.

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Thu, 11-17-2011 - 7:44am

Uh-oh...will you make it???

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Thu, 11-17-2011 - 8:04am


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Thu, 11-17-2011 - 10:24am
Yay!!!!! TR time!!
That stinks about the leak. My mom had the same thing happen and it was solved by replacing the faucet. But not before it leaked into her basement:(

Ok, on to read more:)