Part 1 - Heading South

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Part 1 - Heading South
Tue, 11-27-2012 - 11:54am

Day 1 -

The plan was to run errands, pick up the girls at 2:00 pm and head to Galveston before rush hour. (okay side rant - why the heck do they call it rush hour? I know all cars are "rushing" to get somewhere but since technically you are sitting still shouldn't it have another name?")

Not sure how we lost time. . maybe it was John taking a nap at 10:00 am, before packing of course. Maybe it was wrestling the Goobs (a/k/a Bullseye) into the Kennel. I don't know but we arrived at the school at 3:00 pm. We got an earful of a lecture from our children who had been sitting in the office waiting for us since 2:00 pm since their OCD mother had sent notes to the school to have them ready, you know - to beat traffic.

After a gruelling commute from the NW side of Houston all the way to Galveston (SW of Houston). We check in at the Galvez. Now the Galvez is the oldest hotel on the island - built in 1911. We check in and a wonderful valet was very discreet in addressing how to handle our "cruise package". She even made sure the valet charges were removed since they are part of the package.

We have a penthouse suite with a water view. We have to use a certain elevator and you have to have a special card to get off on the top floor. :) The room was smaller tan I expected - and the windows tiny. It looked like 4 rooms were built into what was probably an old attic. They were each given a name - our's was the Howard Hughes Suite. I laughed and mentioned that was a relative of our's (my maiden name is Hughes), so the M&MS wanted to know if he had really stayed there. We googled the hotel and found out he had in fact locked himself in there at one time. They were very awed by that.

So we get the suitcases set up, and we head down to the Pleasure Pier. First Bubba Gumps for dinner. I have to say we were so bummed. We loved the one in Fort Lauderdale's so much - but the food here was not even close. For the $$$ I wish we had stuck with Fish Lips, Willies, Joe's Crabshack or even the Rainforest Cafe. On the bright spot someone head us mentioned birthday and brought the girls a birthday dessert & sang to them.

After dinner we went to the pier itself. I bought 3 wrist bands that allowed rides and 1 that did not. I didn't want to get on the rides - but the 4 bands still cost $98. The girls had a blast. Bumper cars, Carnival games, ferris wheels, etc. They even won a few toys playing the canival games.

It got colder & darker so we walked back to the hotel. The hotel's Christmas tree was being put up. The official lighting was for the Friday after Thanksgiving - but we got a couple of pics of them testing the lights. No ornaments were up yet, but it was still pretty.

Our room wasn't great. Everything echo'd and we had some lively neighbors. So no one really slept well. However, the hotel did send the girls candy, popcorn and soft drinks w/a birthday card - which was sweet.

John & Mickie stole the main bed - as usual. Maddie took the roll away so I tried to sleep on the sofa. . . .not good, I was too tall. Eventually maddie offered to trade me, so we did. This is a big deal for her as she LOVES to get rollaway beds on vacation.

Here are messy pics of the room - as I didn't think to take them until the following morning.  That is Maddie stretched out asleep on the sofa of the living room area.  But see the small window?   It has wooden slats over it, like an attic window, so it's not even a clear view from in here.


View of Pleasure Pier from bedroom window

This did tickled my DDs - in order to flush the toilet you pull the knob up.

GREAT shower!

Would I stay here again? Not sure, at this point in my trip I would say no. . .but my opinion may have changed later. :)

Good Night day 1!

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Tue, 11-27-2012 - 12:14pm
Looks like an experience! And even though pleasure pier was $$, it does look like you all had fun. My kids always love winning those cheapie toys and it drives me nuts because you spend so much to win them when you could just go buy nicer ones for less money.'s just not the same doing that, is it?
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Tue, 11-27-2012 - 3:31pm

Whew! I got back on here AND I can comment! I had to do the whole start from the beginning thing though. UGH!

Anyway, it looks like a great start although I'm bummed to hear about the Bubba Gumps. I have heard how great the one in Orlando is as well as Ft. Lauderdale.

I love that you were in the Huges suite. :)

The room does seem odd but I can't wait to hear what else will happen to change your mind about the hotel!!

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