Part 2 - Surprise Day!

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Part 2 - Surprise Day!
Tue, 11-27-2012 - 3:55pm

So we got up and headed down for breakfast.   Very expensive buffet.    If we were ever to say here again, I would most definetly dine out.

We talked to the girls about switching hotels.   Maybe finding one with a heated pool.  They loved this idea.   Maddie asked if we could go back to Pleasure Pier and I said probably not as there were other things to do.   I did tell her we would come back another weekend though if she wanted to.  She pouted a bit.  

After packing the valet came to get our bags down.   We went down to the lobby and I saw the sign for DCL goes to check in for the shuttle.   I thought at this point I was going to have to tell the girls the truth.     I spoke to the CM, Iris, and hesitated telling her I wasn't sure how long to drag out the surprise and explained.  Well at that point the girls came up and Iris explained that we had just worked out a ship tour for them.  She then put stickers on their shirts and told her they were important since we didn't have tickets for the cruise, so the employees would know we were on the special tour.  Wow.   

We were then loaded on the shuttle.   The shuttle driver gave two speaches. . .one for the cruisers to know where to pick up the shuttle after the cruise, and then another one for just us going on board to tour the ship.    Again, wow.

First sighting from shuttle

Checking in for the cruise went quick.  Afterwards I got in the long line to register the girls for the kids club.   I explained to the woman that the kids didn't know yet we were going on the cruise - and she played along.  She told the girls that the wristbands would allow us to have lunch on board.   Makayla asked why we had to wear the bands, and Maddie told her it was so the employees could find us if we tried to stowaway!  :)   Nice answer.

Up the gangway.   We were then asked our names - I had typed up a card that said "Princesses Madison and Makayla, along with their staff" but the man left the "Princess" part off.  We stepped into the lobby as people applauded.  The girls looked so confused.    The lobby was as pretty as I imagined from pics, but I was surprised how small it was.

We then headed to lunch at  Parrot Cay, although no one was really hungry.    A CM came over to offer us drinks and asked the girls if they were excited to go on the cruise.  Maddie showed him the stickers on her shirt and let him know we weren't going on the cruise, that we were just on a lunch tour.   Oh his face was priceless.. . .but he didn't argue with her.   But at this point John decided we should tell them.     So, John asks them how they would feel about staying on the ship for the 7 night cruise. . .Mickie gets excited and starts shouting "yes, yes" and Maddie is just shaking her head no.    Mickie starts trying to explain to Maddie we can stay on the ship for 7 days, but Maddie keeps shaking her head no.   So John asks her why she is shaking her head no, she says she doesn't want to go on a cruise - she wants to go back to Galveston/the Pleasure Pier.  UGH.    Well. . .too late.


We then head to our room, check it out.    We saw a dolphin playing off the side of the ship.

zoomed picture

We then headed down to the muester drill.   Then up to the deck for the Sail Away Party.   

 I had read trip reports from early Galveston sailings - about how hot & muggy it was.  Well, not today.   It was cold and windy.   The girls had found a spot where they could sit out of the wind, but it wasn't long before people were pushing them out of the way - kind of like at a parade at WDW.  So they no longer wanted to stay.   

We went back to our room and finished unpacking.

We had 5:45 pm dining time.  We still had a little time, so we went down to the Promenade Lounge.  We met Tim here, and we all had a drink while waiting.     Then we headed over for dinner.    For tonight our rotation was for Parrot Cay.    So we went back down there and met Den, Eric and Tiago.   I don't have any pics of this.

After dinner the girls went to try the kids club.  John & I went back to our room - and found our first towel animal. . . .

And the bunk beds set up.

But the murphy bed wasn't opened, so we had to get the steward back down for that.  Afterwards John laid down for a nap. . .yup, another nap.   I watched tv a bit - but about 9:30 I went to the kids club to get the girls.  When they saw me they both shook their heads "no" as they didn't want to leave (YAY!).   But it was late and I wasn't wanting to come back later.   Maddie happily told me she had more fun and was glad we were going on the cruise.  

We went back to the room and all hit the sack.

So, here's hoping for a fun sea day tomorrow. . . . .




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Wed, 11-28-2012 - 12:55pm
That is just weird. X rated.

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Wed, 11-28-2012 - 12:58pm
OK, try it like Deb posted- X Rated. When I use a capital X and no hyphen, I can post it. All others don't make it through. Weird. Wonder if someone will head here to see why X Rated is being typed 1000 times. :) :)

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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 7:15pm
I am so happy that everyone played along with the scenario to make this a surprise for the girls. Yay for Maddie changing her mind and enjoying the cruise - well the kids club at least.