Part 3 - Sea /Formal Day

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Part 3 - Sea /Formal Day
Mon, 12-03-2012 - 8:41am

Today is a sea day and formal day.  

Before I forget - we did decorate our door yesterday.    As some of you know we were suppose to take a DCL cruise back in 2010 - but wound up switching it to a land trip as DH thought he was going to lose his job.    I had made magnets back then. . it didn't seem like a lot of magnets until we started to decorate.  :)

Not the best picture - not sure who took it.  Anyhow, you can even see our Fish Extender to the right there. ..waiting for gifts!

We were up at 6:30 am.  So the girls and I got dressed and took out all the Fish Extender gifts for decks 6 and 7 and headed out.    It was a lot of fun.  The girls felt like they were robbers, but giving instead of taking.   It was hard not to giggle as we ran down halls while people slept and slipped things into their stockings.   I really bought too much as we had a hard time at some stockings.    We passed out candy, pirate jewelry, pirate lip balm, pirate games, beach balls, pirate finger nail polish/compacts (for the older girls), I made coasters, and we bought custom cameras.  

On the way back to our stateroom we passed 2 fish extenders that were not on our list.  So we decided since we had some extra stuff we would go get them & come back and fill these stockings too.   When we got back to our stateroom - there was stuff in our extender!!   In hindsight I wish I had thought to take pics of the filled extender.   So after oohing and aaaahing over the goodies we found waiting for us - we grabbed some of the extra stuff and went back down the hall to fill the extenders that were not on our list.    And again, giggled.

We then headed down to Lumineres for the ala carte breakfast instead of hitting the buffet.   We stopped before heading in for a shot with the Mickey statue

As well as in front of the Gingerbread House

The napkins were folded to look like a suit jacket - and Maddie wanted her shrimp to have a picture with the napkin

 Then we took the girls to the kids club, while John & I hit the Buena Vista Theater to see The Avengers.   Wow, it was a 3 hour movie - but we enjoyed it.   John even asked me if I would add the movie to his Christmas wish list.  :)   Done, and done.

After the movie John and I walked around the ship a bit. . .. .the stoes had some cute window displays

We then browsed in the stores but didn't buy anything.

Since we have an early dinner (5:45) and we had eaten so late - we weren't really interested in lunch.  

We then got the girls from the kids club in order to get ready for formal night.     After we were dressed we found lines in the lobby for formal pics - so we got into line.

I bought several of the pics, but only see one loaded into photobucket - Madison and Makayla wearing their birthday tiaras

After the pics we had to wait for Luminere's to open for dinner.   They had music playing in the lobby and two CMs out there dressed up dancing.  My shy (not) daughters walked up and joined in dancing with them.

They had a great time.

We were then seated for dinner.    Eric, Tiago and Denny came over to sing to our girls.  Eric made a guitar out of a dish cover & a pepper grinder. .

They brought the girls birthday cupcakes.   John and I both passed on dessert saying we were full.  

Hmmm, John and I got a dessert anyhow. . .

the girls with Eric

the disney photographer came around to take pics as well

Makayla and I

Madison and John

My DDs loved that the lights in Luminere's have roses in them.   


After dinner we went back to our room to change.  We then headed down to the Promenade Lounge as they were having a family dance party.    I don't remember what the issue was - but Maddie started a fight, and we left in a huff/hurry.  Once down in the lounge I realized I forgot both my camera and my phone.  :(    It was a shame as the kids had fun dancing and doing the limbo.

After a bit we went to watch the show - Twice Charmed.    It was a nice play.

After that we decided to call it a night.   Tomorrow is another sea day.

Oh - I got a giggle in the room.   My DDs were intrigued by this sign on the bunk beds:

My daughters wanted to know who Max is.    :)

Here is the room set up to sleep 5.


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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 1:38pm

It looks like you guys had a really good time. The girls look pretty happy in the pics and I love that there are pics of you this time too. :) I really like the formal night pics-everyone looks great. :)

That room set up for five doesn't leave much room to move huh? I can see why you guys would enjoy the space in a NCL suite over the DCL room anyday.

We loved The Avengers. There are some great lines in that movie. "Puny God". ;)

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Mon, 12-03-2012 - 3:29pm

No there wasn't a lot of room.   There was a trunk by the murphy bed. . .but you had to lift the murphy bed to get the trunk opened.  Which was a bit of a pain when the girls would be getting ready for bed.    I think all things considered, I could have been okay with the size - but I really, really missed having 2 bathrooms.  Especially in Cozumel when wE came back muddy but only had one bathtub/shower. . so it took longer.   In the NCL suite we had 2 showers & 1 big tub, so clean up went faster.

But when you cruise Disney, it's for Disney - not really for the staterooms.   So we got what we needed from this cruise.  :)


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Tue, 12-04-2012 - 11:45pm
Love, LOVE the formal pictures. It is so nice to "see" you Deb :-) I think the three of us would find the stateroom small as well. But as you said, you were sailing for the Disney aspect. Looks like fun :-)