Part 4 - Another Sea Day

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Part 4 - Another Sea Day
Wed, 12-05-2012 - 3:56pm

Due to the time change John and I slept all the way to 8:00 am.  :)      We then got the girls up for breakfast.   We went down to Luminere's again for the ala cart ordering instead of hitting the buffet.

After breakfast we took the girls to the kids club, then went back to our room - we were both tired.    I have not learned about choosing staterooms wisely and the noise from the deck above kept us both up last night.  Course, now that everyone is up and at the pool it isn't much better (pool deck is 9, we are on deck 8).  

After giving up trying to nap I got up, John was still sleeping.  I checked the Dailies and saw that they were having a princess meet & greet in atrium.   So I went to the kids club and asked if they wanted to go - they both said yes.  Then we hit the line. . .the very loooooong line.   The meet didn't start for another 30 minutes, so it was going to be a while.   Makayla decided she didn't want to meet the princesses bad enough to stay in this line so asked to go back to the kids club.  I left Maddie in line, and walked Makayla to the elevators - the kids club is right by the elevator exit, so I felt comfortable she'd be okay.

So back in line with Maddie.   Maddie commented about this woman in line that was dressed as Snow White.   Now Maddie is 9, she didn't seem to find anything wrong with an adult being in costume but she wondered - and I'm quoting "I wonder how she is breathing in that tight dress".   LOL.   So Maddie asked me to take a pic to show Makayla later but I didn't want to as it would look obvious.  So she stands in front of me - and the sneaky 9 year old says "look like you are taking my pic".   Okay, I'm so in trouble with this one, yes?

So, here's the dress that fascinated my DD.   Although you can't see how tight it is here. . .  But can you see the evil gleam in Maddie's eyes?   She thought she was so clever coming up with this plan.  LOL

So after a long wait we get up to the princesses and my camera,. . .my camera. . ..sigh. . a message came up that said "battery exhausted".   LOL.  Guess it needed a nap too?   Well, of course they have their photographers, and that just means I have to buy the pics. . .

And the reason for standing in a line for 90 minutes?!

Having never met Tiana, Maddie was dying to ask her what it was like to be a frog.  :)    Tiana said after you got use to it, i wasn't as bad as you would think.  LOL

So, after this I took Maddie back to the kids club.  The movie Brave was showing later and I told her I'd come back for her.    I went back to the room to see if John wanted to go, but he didn't want to get up.   So I left him there - went down to the Promenade Lounge and grabbed some drinks from my favorite bartender - Tim.   Then went and got the girls and headed to the theater.     We were waiting for the movie to start and I said to the M&Ms "I was hoping our dad would surprise us by showing up" . . .   Well, as the theater started to get dark - in walked John!   Yup, I was surprised.

The movie let out at 3:15 pm and our dinner time is 5:45 - but the girls were complaining they were hungry.  So we went up on the 9th deck.  We hit the "free" cokes.  :)    The girls and John grabbed pizza/chicken nuggets to hold them over for dinner.    

After we went back to our room.  The girls and I got the rest of the FE stuff to be passed out (on decks 2 and 5) and went to distribute them.

Afterwards we got ready for dinner.  This was the place I was most interested in eating this cruise. . .so where were we assigned?

She's pretending to paint the ceiling

Very nicely themed place.  And who should come running out?!

He was one hard mouse to get a pic of.    Speedy Gonzales has nothing on Mickey Mouse.

After dinner Makayla and I sent to the Lab so she could look for some art work that she left there to dry.  She was worried about leaving it to the next day.   Meanwhile John & Maddie headed back down to the Family Dance Party in the Lounge.    :)   This time I have my camera.

Okay, I'll admit Bartender Tim may have overpoured for me. . .as I made a fool of myself dancing with my DDs.  But it's vacation, who'll remember it?   Thankfully my DDs as they still think it ws special.

John got up and danced with makayla

I think he is copying my dance move!!  

Maddie with Tim

The singer (Sharon) let the girls sing along

I asked them if they wanted to stop to see whatever show it was this night - and no one did.  So we danced for a while.   Then we headed up to the ship stores.   Maddie got a Christmas outfit for her Duffy doll (who was not along for this trip).   Makayla bought a doll - the mother from Brave who can turn into a bear!   We got some diet cokes to put in the cooler as well.

After this we called it a night. . . .

This scary critter was waiting for us in bed!!

Thankfully John tackled him so we could get to bed.   Tomorrow - Grand Cayman day!!!




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Thu, 12-06-2012 - 7:41am

Wow, I think your girls have spent more time in the kids club by this point than they did on your past cruises the whole week. Disney DOES do that right.

I love the princess pics and wow-that Tiana sure is spot on. She is really beautiful. I am LOLing at the dress. Seems odd that she would wear it but I guess those die hard Disney fans can be a little wierd (it's probably all the free soda they are pumped with ;).

How did the girls enjoy the "show" at Animators? AP was my very favorite place on the Dream and I'd love to see the original show. :) 

The party looks like it was a lot of fun. :)

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Thu, 12-06-2012 - 9:19am
Maddie spent a lot in the kids club on the first cruise. But I think this cruise Mickie spent more time in the kids club this cruise than all the other 3 cruises combined. We all 4 enjoyed the show at AP. I thought it was odd initially to see the grown woman dressed as Snow White. But as it was her vacation too - and she didn't look enough like Snow White to confuse any children, I didn't care. What you can't see in my pic is that the back of her dress had criss crossed strapped that were digging into her. She has to be a die hard fan to endure that for an over 90 minutes (as she was in line before we were) to get her pic taken with Snow White. Hmmm, wonder where I can get a Queen of Hearts costume. :D The girls LOVED the dance part. The Midtown Duo provided the music (husband/wife team - can't remember the husbands name). Everytime they were listed in the Dailies the girls wanted to go. This couple has been doing Disney ships for a while, they don't have kids of their own - and Sharon said they just love seeing the kids dance/light up, etc.