Part 5 - Grand Cayman/Pirate Night

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Part 5 - Grand Cayman/Pirate Night
Fri, 12-07-2012 - 10:25am

We woke up early and grabbed a quick bite to eat at the buffet.    Then we made our way down to the Rockin D to meet our group.   Today's plan - Boatswain Park (a/k/a the Turtle Farm).

There were several groups meeting here - so it was packed.   Each tour is given a sticker with a character on it, and then you follow the preson holding the sign with the coordinating character.    So, once we were stickered, grabbed towels, checked in and got our wrist bands we headed down to the tender boats to make our way over to the island.   No one really looks fully awake yet.  :)


Once on the dock, we were loaded into small buses and on our way.   The drive wasn't bad, maybe 20 minutes - and it was scenic.   We passed a church where the roof had a lot of iguanas on top.  The driver said they love to go up there to sun themselves - we went by too fast for me to snap a pic, but it was an interesting look for a church.

When we got to Boatswain the bus was split between people seeing turtles (us) and people seeing dolphins.

On our way. . .we went to various tanks to see various sizes/ages of turtles.  Lots of turtles. . . .

My DDs were in awe of all the roosters/chickens running around freely.

Iguanas were abundant too

Makayla's first turtle

Maddie's turn

John is up

And for the record, I passed on holding a turtle. . . :)

They had a tank where people could get in with the turtles. . .the M&Ms waited for their turn, and then in they went.  

I think they liked it

This was the oldest turtle there.   With all the kids around I was unable to hear how old/large she was - but she took up a pretty good portion of this tank.

After touring all the different pools of turtles we were escorted to a bathroom area to clean up.    Then we were on our own.  We could go to the right - to the freshwater swimming area (no fish), stay in the bar/dining area or head to the left for the salt water swimming area to snorkel.    The girls wanted to snorkel. . .John asked what I wanted. . .  :)  Well, I wanted something cold to drink and to get off my feet for a bit.   So, he told me to do so and he would take the girls snorkeling on his own.   I knew I loved this man.

So I got a diet coke, sat and enjoyed the quiet for a bit.    The chicken roamed freely everywhere here.

After I cooled off a bit - I went down to see if I could snag some pics of John & the girls.   :)   I love the zoom option. . . .

I guess John realized they were being snapped.  :D

I then went back to the dining area, got another cold drink and waited for them.    It was a while before they joined me.   The excursion came with a free meal - it was served buffet style.   Rice w/beans, roasted chicken, plantains, coleslaw, and fish.  

We then went to the gift shop.   The girls each picked a stuffed toy - one a turtle, the other a stingray.    The tour wasn't heading back to the ship for another hour + so we asked how to head back early and were led to a van that would take us for $2.50 each - so we paid him and went.   Once back at the pier John had to go to the Harley Davidson store and purchase a shirt & hat.  Then we headed back to the ship.

We took turns getting cleaned up and dressed for Pirate Night!    Since the girls didn't know about this cruise I bought them pirate outfits guessing on sizes.   As they are in pre teen sizes, it was hard to find something piraty, that would fit - and wasn't something considered "sexy".   9 is waaaaay too young for sexy.   I was thankful the outfits fit.  I brought leggings to go under it, so they wouldn't wear the stockings.   they looked cute.

The girls wanted swords - so we went to the store to find it was closed.  :(   It was too early for dinner, so we went down to the lounge for a bit.   Tim was there and ready to help our evening get going.

I was watching the clock and realized the stores would be open by now.  So I excused myself and discreetly went up there.  I purchased two swords and two different head dresses.    :)    I came back and surprised the girls.   

I think the Mickey Mouse ears on Makayla's bandana and the Goofy ears on Madison's bandana really add to tit!

We then went to Pirates Cay for dinner.   The girls had fun with our servers, Eric & Tiago.

They had a parade at one point, and Denny let Maddie carry the flag.

Makayla had to have a turn too

It was a fun night!

Now, on pirate night on DCL there is a big pirate party on deck w/fireworks.  Well, my DDs do not like fireworks.   So when we asked them what they wanted to do. . .surprise, they wanted to go back down to the dance party in the lounge.    So. . .that is what we did, again.

Maddie offered to help Tim out in the lounge.

the girls had fun dancing to Sharon (Midtown Duo) again.

Once again we danced. . .


Some Conga

We eventually called it a night.    We found this guy waiting for us in the stateroom.   It looks like one of the girls gave him their sword - thankfully he did not attack us in our sleep.

Tomorrow - Costa Maya





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Fri, 12-07-2012 - 11:28am

What did you all think of pirate night? No fireworks? Did you dress up?

So overall, was the turtle farm worth it? That was my original plan but now we're just gonna hang at the port. :)

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Fri, 12-07-2012 - 12:07pm

No, John and I did not dress up.    We skipped the fireworks.  Makayla is scared of the dark & scared of fireworks - so the M&Ms had no desire to go see the party.   I thought about going up to see it, but to be honest we were having fun where we were, so we just stayed put.

I don't know if I would find Boatswain's worth it.   It was smaller than I expected.  Basically since the group is so large - you basically walk from one turtle tank to another waiting while each person gets their pics.  John and the girls went to the saltwater pond which is suppose to have fish in it, to snorkel - but they never saw any fish in there.   So is Boatswain worth seeing. . .kind of if you are into turtles - but I did think it was more $$ than what you get out of it.   LOL, how is that for talking in circles?    I would not pay that kind of money to see it again, however, for the smiles on the M&Ms faces holding a real turtle I'm glad we did it once.




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Fri, 12-07-2012 - 6:02pm

It looks smaller than I thought it would too. I think we will be fine to skip it since Robbie would probably be scared of the turtles & Adam could care less. LOL

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