Part 7 - Cozumel/Thanksgiving

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Part 7 - Cozumel/Thanksgiving
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 11:44am

We woke up early - as usual.  John and the girls were heading up to the buffet.   I asked them to just bring me back a croissant.    I had read that our clothes might not survive today's outing, so I packed a bag with extra clothes, shoes, along with sunscreen & bug repellant.     When my family got back I made sure they were wearing old clothes we didn't care about losing, and their bathing suit under neat.  I then ate the croissant they brought me back  - and we made our way down to Sessions to meet our group.

We were put in a small van with another family of 4.  It was funny was they were from Kingwood, TX - which is where my father lives.   They were a nice family - two boys about our DDs age.

We were dropped off a the site and then given a safety lesson.   They were selling crocs, so I bought a pair (john and the girls already had some).    We were also sold bandanas to cover our mouth/nose and rented lockers for our belongings.  I couldn't take our camera with us.   

After this we were led down a path to the dunebuggies.   I wish we did have cameras as there was a gorgeous owl perched on a sign for pics.    But,  we weren't.

I have to admit I thought two or three times about putting that yucky helmet on my head.  YUCK, the thing already had mud in it!   Makayla rode the dunebuggies with John in Jamaica last year, so she was with me this year.  She made a face about putting the helmet on too - but we sucked it up.  And off we went.

John & Maddie

Mickie and I

I was having a really had time driving this darn thing.  The road was very rocky, and the steering was hard.  AT one point I hit a rock and the dunebuggy kind of flew to the right into a tree.   Makayla started to scream bloody murder a the top of her lungs - so I thought she was hurt.  Nope, just scared.  They came and helped me back out of the tree -and we were on our way again.  Wasn't long until I hit another rock, was again in a tree and Makayla was again screaming like someone was beating her.    We waited a little longer this time for help and I was getting frustrated. . .i've driven these things before, but not on a path quite so rough.   I also had a chat with Makayla - she was scared their were bears in the jungle. . .so thankfully the next time we crashed (yes, we crashed again) she didn't scream.

We eventually made our way to the cavern.    I asked the guide if there was another way to travel as I did not want to drive that dunebuggy again.  Nope, no other way.  GRRRRRR.

So, the water in the cavern was very cold only  Maddie wanted to get in.  The nice family from Kingwood invited her to swim with them.

I don't see Maddie in any of the pics on our CD, but here is part of the Kingwood family

You could swim under a wall and into a cavern where there were bats.  Maddie declined this and got back out of the water.  We all waited for the swimmers to come back.  They all said the cavern was really cool to see.

So we walked back up to the dunebuggies and John was looking over my dunebuggy with one of the guides.   He had them look it over and it turned out some rod that helps with the power steering was cracked.  So they radioed back up to the buisness to have someone drive a different dunebuggy out for me.    :D   I was relieved as I couldn't understand why I was the only one having trouble.

So in the new dunebuggy we took off.  I'll admit the first rock & swerve I was nervous. . but the dunebuggy handled so much better than the last one, that we didn't crash again.  YAY.

After the tour they took our pic together.   If they had a prize for the muddiest person, I think Maddie would have won hands down.  The kid was walking like Frankenstein.

We then went to the shower and tried to clean up the best we could - and then changed clothes.  They also served us juice boxes and little cups with queso & chips while we waited to see/purchase our pic packages.    Then we were led back to the vans and on our way back.

Once back on board we had to clean up - it was semi formal night & Thanksgiving.    This is where we missed having a suite, on NCL we would have a bathtub & two showers. But here we had one.  So one by one we all got cleaned up. . .although let me tell you it would take a week to get all the mud out of our toe nails (yuck).

We had dinner at Animator's Palate again - no show this time.   Dinner was nice.   I don't really eat meat, but John suggested I order the turkey so he can have another helping.  :)   I did.

The photographer came by for pics again.

Maddie and I


Makayla and John

After dinner we went back to. . .you guessed it. . the family dance party.  My DDs just loved this group.   One of my favorite pics came from this night - of John and Mickie dancing.

Of course Madison begged me to dance with her - and I did.   Tim made the girls each a white rose out of paper.  Maddie loved her's and danced with it.

Sharon sang to Mickie

It was a fun evening.

I don't know what time we hit the bed, but we were tired & looking forward to tomorrow.  

Tonight towel animal

Although it is a sea day - we do still have to get up early as we have a hot date tomorrow morning. . . .



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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 7:20am

Wow! What a full day! I bet you were beat. It looks like a lot of (messy) fun though. :)

The girls really enjoyed that dance party didn't they? :)

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