Part 8 - Sea Day and Heading home

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Part 8 - Sea Day and Heading home
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 2:13pm

So, it was a sea day - but we still had to get up early.  Why?  Cuz it's our Character breakfast day!  YAY!    We head down to Parrot's Cay - it was fun.  The servers made a variety of headwear for us.

Bows made from napkins

Eric made John a nice pair of Dumbo ears - aint he cute?

Okay, I hate to post this one. . .but Eric claimed my long dark hair reminded him of Tiger Lily (Peter Pan), so I got an Indian headdress.  

A little from Aladdin (the monkey's hat)

And of course the characters came by



Maddie saw someone at another table with Goofy ears, so she asked if she could have some - and Eric whipped her a set right out!

Then Chip came by

And of course - Goofy

Now Mickey was on his way over to our table and Maddie's ears slipped off.  Tiago grabbed them and put them back on for her really quick.   She didn't realize until she saw the pic later that there was something slightly wrong with her ears.

After the fun breakfast, I took the girls to the kids club.  John and I went back to the room to lay down.    

We woke up around lunch time.   We went and got the girls to get them something to eat - and tried to the Seafood buffet at Parrot Cay.    After which we went. . .shopping.    Both girls got some more toys, and then I let them each pick one piece of jewelry for a souvinior.    Makayla wanted a pic of her new ring. .

We then took the kids back to the kids club (again), while we went back to the cabin to start packing.    After a while the kids called asking us to come get them.   They were tired.    I watched tv while the 3 of them all laid down.

Tonights dinner was in Parrots Cay - the farewell dinner.  It was nice.   Eric came over and told us that he would miss us, as we were fun.  He actually teared up.  Now, some people will say it was for a tip - and maybe it was - but the man worked so hard, and seemed so geniuine with our kids I'd like to think he meant it.    Denny came over and offered Maddie a job if she wanted to stay on the ship.  LOL.  She thought about it, she adored him so much.

The last night of the cruise all the servers came out wearing vests made from the flags of their countries.   John told Eric he liked his and wondered if he could get one. . Eric told him that he didn't think they came in his size.  LOL.  He then told him to keep an eye ebay.  LOL

Denny is from Jamaica, but as he is leading the parade he held the USA flag.

We were invited to join in by twirling our napkins overhead

Tiago and Maddie danced a bit. . .

After dinner we went down to. . . yup, the dance party.  The girls wanted to say good bye to the performers -  Sharon & Will.

We went back to our room, made sure everything was packed & suitcases were outside of the room.    We planned to skip breakfast in the morning so we could sleep a tad longer.

Getting off the ship was the hardest/longest disembarking we had ever done.    But once we got off the ship we had a hard time finding our luggage.  We had never done the luggage this way on a cruise before - normally we have them checked in for us, but I don't think DCL offers that - and we are not flying anyhow.

Once we did find them (incidently when I got home I bought a new set of luggage - ORANGE - should stand out a bit more than our navy ones did), the shuttle for The Galvez was waiting for us outside.  We got on, nice driver - he asked the girls how they liked their lunch tour!  LOL   When we got to the Galvez the hotel already had all our cars pulled out waiting for us - along with people to get our luggage moved from the shuttle to our car.   It was a really nice touch in our minds.  No waiting.

We were on our way out of Galveston by 9:30. . and home by 11:00 am.   Not bad!

As is normal for my vacations, we didn't see/do everything that I had wanted to.  This was the M&Ms birthday trip - and for the most part they picked what we did.   The kids club and the dance party were major hits for them. . .


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Mon, 01-07-2013 - 12:56pm
Can't believe I can finally post, so I want to say "Awesome!"
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Tue, 12-11-2012 - 7:26am

Ooooh! What a pretty ring!

I love the character breakfast pics. It looks like a lot of fun. :)

One thing I really like about DCL is that you really get to know your servers. They do seem to care and with a family as great as yours I bet he really was sorry to see you go.

Looks like it was a fun time. :)

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