How do you feel about moving?

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How do you feel about moving?
Wed, 06-19-2013 - 10:38am

DH has been talking about moving to a new farm, bigger house, better land.  Although I'm all for having a better and bigger house and better land, all I keep thinking about is cleaning everything out, packing everything up, deciding what comes and what doesn't etc.  He's never moved, I've moved 13 times in my lifetime and I thought my second last move was "it".  He's got no idea what's involved, but he wants to change.  I don't want to discourage him to keep looking for a "better" place, but I've really can't bring up the enthusiasm like he can.  The kids already told us that we have to stay in the school district, because they don't want to loose their friends, which is fine with me.

How do you feel about having to move?

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Sat, 06-22-2013 - 6:38pm

I've only had five moves Brigitte, and the last one was twenty years ago, but I always say to DH that I am not designed for moving, lol.  When we moved to our current house we had two moves in ten weeks.  DH was transferred with his job and the house we had in the other town had not been sold by the time we had to move.  We rented a house here, the other house sold a week after we left, so then we had another move into this house.  Afer all that, with two children and a cat, I was well and truly over moving.

But I do hope that you and DH can find something suitable, it would be great if the right property comes up, minus the hard work of moving of course!