Child Support and my frusturation with the state

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Child Support and my frusturation with the state
Fri, 11-02-2012 - 12:19pm

Hi - I am new to this board and sought it out because I am SO FRUSTURATED and wanted to talk to some other single parents about their struggle in obtaining child support!  My daughter's father is over $22,000 behind.  No, he has never been arrested.  No, he has never been brought to court for contempt.  No, his license is not suspended.  He is not being held accountable in ANY way and I am so sick of fighting with the state to get money that I was awarded to raise OUR daughter!  He has not made a payment since 2008 and they are not doing ANYTHING to help me.  He is unemployed so I am not asking that they garnish his wages.  If he was working, they would,  because that would be easy.  I am asking for them to make him answer to a judge on why he is skirting his obligation.  Every time I call my case worker all I receive is attitude which has made me so uncomfortable, I dont want to call her anymore.  But she doesnt do anything! 

So............I am wondering if getting a lawyer involved would do anything to help me.  Has anyone else struggled like this?  Thanks for any advice that you have.  We were divorced in 2008 and he has paid maybe $300.00 since then.