suck it up and go on trip with dad and our 6mth old?

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suck it up and go on trip with dad and our 6mth old?
Sun, 08-11-2013 - 6:09pm

 I need some advice. I'm a single mom, who has a good relationship with my daughters dad and his family. They are asking me and our lil' one to go on a road trip to a family reunion 10 hours away to a campsite with cabins as well. Our daughter is just a baby and I am nursing her. So taking her without me is out of the question and I think they know that.

  I don't want to alienate them or hold our daughter back from meeting additional family members..But I am dreading this trip and really really don't want to go!

  Should I just go, to keep peace. I know this will be an annual event! Her dad and I have no visitation arrangements nor is he paying child support. He does pay for her health insurance though. This is a scary road ahead for me, I'm not sure what to expect custody wise. My daughter is my world.


Thank you for any advice!!