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Registered: 03-27-2003
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 9:40am
It took me an hour to fiqure out WHY I was not able to post....I would click on the add new discussion button and the little bar on my browser would go all the way from left to right...looking as if it was loading but I never got the post to screen to load no matter how long I waited....after an hour of this you can imagine how very frustrated I was and sad that I was not able to post anymore. I tried to go to zonealarm and change setting for javarunexe to access the internet first of all...nope, still couldn't post....then, I though maybe zonealarm is not allowing scripts....SO, I disabled zonealarm and tada!!! I'm here posting!!!!, I have to be unprotected while I post here...small price to pay to be able to chat with my sahm buddies!!!! I would experience severe withdrawl symptoms if I hadn't figured it out!!! So, if anyone reading this is having problems posting and have zonealarm, zonealarm pro (which I do) or anyother firewall and is having difficulty posting...try getting it to allow scripts or if you don't know how to do this (computer klutz that I am)hehe....just disable (only while you are trying to post...)and remember to reinstate the protection when you are done posting.