What is your daily schedule?

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What is your daily schedule?
Sun, 05-25-2008 - 2:12pm

Could you please post your schedule!! I am looking for a good one. Do you have a daily schedule and a cleaning schedule? How do you plan activities?



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Sun, 05-25-2008 - 6:54pm

between 6am-7am

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Mon, 05-26-2008 - 7:26am

6am wake up

7am feed Brianna

8am feed Emily

8-9 kids play watch cartoons, whatever

9-11am get everyone dressed and run errands/go to the park

11:30am-2:30pm home for lunch and Brianna's nap/Emily's quiet time

3-5pm snack time/play room/cartoons

5pm I get dinner started for the girls, DH and I usually eat later, b/c he gets home from work late

6pm dinner

7pm bath time

7:30pm books & bed time

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Mon, 05-26-2008 - 10:07am

If you look in the FAQ thread there are a bunch of links to posts that discuss daily schedules.

Hope that helps.

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Mon, 05-26-2008 - 2:01pm

Ours varies, depending on activities


6-7 am--everyone up, I brew coffee, empty dishwasher, get kids breakfast and hopefully dressed. Pack lunches( if I haven't done it the day before), I also prefer to leave the kitchen spotless before we go to the bus stop

8 am--at bus stop, then take dil to prek.

home...8;35-:40, unless I need to run to the grocery store or drop off dry cleaning.

From this time until I pick up dil at 12:30 I...clean the house, run errands, have some computer time, exercise, and do some writing if I have an assignment, occasionally I'm at the school to do something etc.

Afternoons...playdates, go to playground, beach, play at home, do computer thing with dil, I also tend to start preparing dinner at some point between 1 and 4 pm.. sometimes we visit cousins, etc..

3:30 pm..bus stop...then see above..this continues, unless we have sports practice

dinner for boys 6 or 6:30..most nights

bath in there either before or after dinner if needed

family movie time til we head up for bed 7:45....

dh gets in around then and helps me put them to bed.


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Wed, 05-28-2008 - 7:12pm

Please keep in mind that schedules in a sahm world are only tentative. Things come up. Kids get sick and need to go to the doctor. Jimmy will be in a school play coming up. Suzy will be invited to a birthday party. So, don't get so stuck in whatever schedule you have that you can't do other things at a specific time because of it. For instance, play group is on Fridays during my regular cleaning time. But we're still going. I just might have to do that cleaning at a different time that day if I'm not able to finish before it's time to go to the park. Here's my tentative daily schedule (also I'm on my summer schedule right now, so no kids to get to school):

6am-7am exercise
7am-9am get myself and the kids ready for the day.
9am - time for breakfast (if the kids ask to eat before now then I let them eat earlier, but because my dh works late, I like to wait until he wakes up so I can eat with him)
9:30am - 11:30 - chore time (I have a certain order with chores. Laundry first because it can be washing while I'm doing other things, then dishes, then remaining kitchen chores, bathroom, living room and hallways, kids rooms, yards, my car, my room, laundry room, garage, then put clean clothes away. Basically I take care of the two rooms that are health concerns first -- kitchen and bathrooms -- then in order of the likelihood that unexpected company would see them). EVERYONE helps with the chores.
11:30am - I make dinner
noon - dinner time, and after dinner we clean up from dinner and wash the dishes, after that it's free time for all
1:30pm - naptime for the two youngest kids, free time for the rest of us. They sleep for at least an hour and a half, and after that are allowed to get up whenever.
2:45pm - My 7 year old, dh and I usually have a snack.
3:30pm - dh goes to work.
5pm - I make supper (our lunch time, so simple fare. Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, frozen pizza, pb&j, etc)
5:30pm (or whenever it's ready) - supper time. Again, when we're done, everyone helps to clean up from supper and get the dishes done. Then it's chore time again if there is anything that hasn't been done yet. The kids help. If the chores are done, then it's more free time.
7pm - bath time for the two youngest kids.
7:45pm - time to get ready for bed, and then it's quiet activities indoors. If the kids haven't used up all their tv time for the day I'll let them watch a movie.
8:30pm - The kids and I have a snack and then everyone brushes their teeth.
9pm - bedtime for the kids. We read up to 3 stories and say prayers before lights out. After that I have time to myself.
10pm - my bedtime.
1am - dh comes home and goes to bed.

And here is my schedule when school is in session. Dh is a college student. I'm not exactly sure yet what his schedule will be like in the fall, so I have to go by last year. Also, Ethan will be in preschool 3 days a week this next school year, and I'm adding that into this:

6am - I get Johnathan into the shower, and then work on some chores while he's showering. I have to help him a little bit when he washes his hair. I continue to do chores while he gets dressed, and then I comb his hair. I get him his breakfast and continue with chores while he eats, brushes his teeth, and gets his shoes on. If he is ready for school before his bus comes then he will start on his chores for the day.
6:30am - dh gets up and starts getting ready for school.
7am - the youngest two kids usually wake up around this time. Johnathan isn't gone yet. I'll get them dressed and ready for the day as I'm able to when I'm not helping him. They are not allowed to eat breakfast until he's gone because it distracts him too much.
7:30 - Johnathan's bus arrives, and dh heads off to school too. I turn on the tv for the two youngest kids so I can go take a shower and get myself dressed.
9am - breakfast time (Once Johnathan is off to school, if the younger two ask to eat, I let them. But this is when I eat). If it's a Friday.
9:30am - chore time. The kids help.
11:15am on MWF - time to take Ethan to preschool.
between 11:30 and 11:45am - I make lunch
noon - lunch time. If it's a preschool day it will be just me and Libby, and then we will leave at 1:30 to get Ethan from school. After lunch I clean up from lunch and do dishes. Dh generally gets home from school between 12:30 and 1, unless it's a Tuesday, in which case he has to go straight to work from school, or unless it's Friday when he doesn't have classes.
1:30pm - naptime for the two kids (though I plan on weaning Ethan from his naps sometime this school year since it's his last year before kindy and kindy here is all day). On preschool days, I'll be getting Elizabeth down for her nap, and then get Ethan some lunch. After he eats, he'll go take his nap, and it's free time for me. If it's a Wednesday, Johnathan gets home from school around 2, and will do his homework, finish his chores, have a snack, and then he gets free time.
3:30pm - dh goes to work
4pm every school day except Wednesday - Johnathan is home from school, does his homework and chores, and has free time
5pm - I make dinner
5:30pm - time for dinner; the kids help clean up from dinner and do dishes. Then we do chores, if any, and we have free time.
7pm - the two youngest kids take their bath.
7:45pm - everyone gets ready for bed
8pm - the boys go to bed. The kids get up to three stories and prayers before lights out. Libby and I have a snack, and some one on one time, and she gets her teeth brushed.
9pm - Libby's bedtime (and the boys bedtime on weekends). Time for myself.
10pm - my bedtime
1am - dh gets home from work and goes to bed.



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Thu, 05-29-2008 - 8:49am

I absolutely cannot stick to even a loose schedule.