Anyone doing resolutions?

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Anyone doing resolutions?
Thu, 12-13-2012 - 10:36am

I don't usually do resolutions.  If something needs to be changed, I change it.  However, this year I suppose I'll have a resolution, not because I think I need to wait until 2013 to make any changes but because I can't start a new calendar until January!  I've decided to get rid of my digital planners and go with the old fashioned paper/pencil method.  I've always liked having a paper planner, and I've done the online calendars and to-do lists for long enough.  I like the convenience, but I miss my paper planner.

Are you doing resolutions this year?

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Fri, 01-04-2013 - 10:06pm

I don't usually do resolutions because I tend to make enormous ones and set myself up for failure.  This year, though, I plan to keep up with my daily biojournal (keeps track of my medication, sleep, emotional state, food intake, etc) and to find something good about every day.  DH and I also want to spend more time doing family activities, which we've kind of failed at for the last five years.  This will be the year that we start doing more!  (Which will be easier, since this will be the year that we don't have a baby or a pregnant mama.)

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Wed, 01-02-2013 - 12:09pm

Did you get your new planner?  I wrapped mine up and put it under the tree.  I guess it was really a gift to myself, but I put on the label that it was from the kids.  :)

I actually think I'll keep my Google calendar updated.  DH uses it to keep track of what's going on during the week.  I gave him access to it over the summer, and I didn't realize exactly how often he was referencing it until he asked why one of the recurring events I had set up hadn't been updated with the new time!  So, I'll keep that one going since he uses it a lot.  There's just something satisfying about checking an item off a paper list.

I have a 4YO and an 8YO, and I completely understand what you mean about finding something to do together.  The kids have been active in martial arts for a couple of years now (the 4YO started last year).  I figured since I'm at the school anyway, I might as well sign up for classes.  It's fun!  We practice together, and the kids think it's cool.  As a result of taking that class, I started doing a one hour kickboxing class on Friday mornings.  I've only been doing it for about four weeks now, but I can already feel myself getting stronger.  Do you have any kind of bike paths or walking paths near you?  My two love to hit the trails.

Cooking healthy meals isn't too difficult once you get started and find some recipes that will work for your family.  We tend to eat a lot of chicken because there's so much you can do with it.  We've substituted ground turkey for most recipes that call for ground beef.  My kids love my turkey meatballs.  One thing that works for us, since we're a family of four, is to take a recipe for something like a lasagna and make two lasagnas instead of one.  Half of a lasagna is all we really need for a dinner (plus leftovers), so I'll just make two lasagnas in smaller pans and freeze one for later.

I'm working on being a happier person too.  I used to really dwell on what other people thought of me, and I decided recently that what other people think about me isn't any of my business.  Adjusting the way I think about situations helps tremendously.

I hope 2013 is a better year for you.  I'm glad to hear your husband has found a new and better job.  Does he like it so far?

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Sun, 12-30-2012 - 8:52pm

I totally hear you on the paper calendar and planner deal. I am so very bad at forgetting to do things that I have to have everything written down on paper and see it to remember to do anything! I have a new paper planner and calendar on my shopping list for 2013. 

I don't normally make resolutions but this year I feel my family and I are in need of some major changes. We eat all the wrong foods, don't exercise very often and hardly do things together. The sad part is that it's all my fault. I have become so lazy that I don't do anything. My kids are 4 and 6 so it's not like they can implement change on their own. So, my first resolution is to spend less time individually in front of moving screens (including this computer, wii, tv, ps3) and more time actually playing together. 

Resolution# 2 Change the way we spend money. We have never been in the position where we can save money before and as a result this past year we lost everything, including our home, due to my husbands previous job. (needless to say he has a new even better job) Now that we have gotten back on our feet, after 3 months of bouncing around with relatives and from state to state, we are vowing to never let that happen again no matter what! 

Resolution #3 Eat healthier foods. We have very poor diet choices (again my fault) but it's been very difficult for me to come up with healthy meals I can afford and that my children would actually eat. (we are all very picky eaters but really that's not an excuse) It's just so much easier to buy 8 frozen pizzas when they are on sale for $10.00 and have 4 meals for them. 

My 4th and final resolution is to try to become a better/happier version of me. I have a few things I don't like about myself that I want to work on changing that would help me to be a better mother, wife and all around person. But anyway...There's mine. Anyone else?