anyone: getting - post isn't complete ??

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anyone: getting - post isn't complete ??
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 11:27am
this has happened a few times to me....I'll put in a discussion title, and an emoticon, then type my message and ya all know that I usually write a NOVEL when I post...I'll click the preview...proofread my message then click post and get a "your post is not complete...if I click edit message, it'll then say: missing message...huh????? I write ALOT in the message field...hmmmmmmmmmm, I look, yup, it's there in black and white...????, then I click try again...and darn if it still says "your post in not complet...ugh....IS ANYONE else getting this????

frustrating...but it won't stop me from posting!!! lol

btw...since I'm able to post again today (yeah, two days in a row)I must have fixed my cookie/script problem and zonealarm pro is behaving!!! know just enough about computers to get myself in trouble!!!...but luckily I changed my setting correctly using my control panel...sigh

ANother ????...after reading replies to a post, how do ya get back to the sahm bd??? I can't find a link and when you are reading alot of replies, to many back buttons to MUST be a link back somewhere, right????

cl help, or someone smarter than me, or with better eyesight??? lol...tia