Are you done?

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Are you done?
Tue, 12-20-2011 - 8:55am

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Only a few days left! ;) One thing I'm grateful for being a SAHM, is that I could go shopping during "off" hours!! I didn't have to go on nights & weekends when EVERYONE else is shopping! It was so nice to breeze in and out of stores in the middle of the afternoon or early in the mornings!

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Tue, 12-20-2011 - 10:48am
I think so, I got the teacher gifts and Nathan's iTunes card today and I think that was it. I thought I was done wrapping too but I didn't have tags so I had to leave a few things that I might get mixed up after wrapping. I like being able to shop during the day but JT is getting old enough to spill the beans so I had to be really careful. We'll see since I got one of his Santa presents while he was with me and I know the older kids saw it in the van. I figure if they say something I'll just say I returned it when he asked Santa for it because he didn't need 2 of them. Dh and I are going on a date/shopping trip Thursday so we'll see how crazy it is even during the day. No kids so I figure it will be fine even if it is busy. Van... and garage... I have got to get those presents in the house or I'll be running out to get them Christmas morning.
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Tue, 01-03-2012 - 12:30pm

There was a little bit of last-minute shopping, but my excuse is that I had a baby on the 19.

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Wed, 01-04-2012 - 1:24pm
I think we did pretty well this year, too. I'm glad it's over! :)