Can someone wave a magic wand and (m)

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Can someone wave a magic wand and (m)
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 1:55pm
make my days LESS busy? or better yet split me into triplets so that there are more of me, so that maybe there would be a chance to get everything done? I hate not having time to get here and "play" with ya all...(unhappy face). Here's a quick update:

Spoke with our bank and Integrity Mortgage (I should hear from IM by today)and the bank said that we probably won't qualify based on what I told him over the phone (dh's many seps and our resultant set backs financially resulting in some slow pays...nothing drastic mind ya...but they don't want anything in the past month to have been slow (we paid one bill one day after it was due...and he said that could keep us from qualifying....huh??? didn't know it was so tough???? and he said that they would like to see no slow pays over a 3 mos period of time)YIKES, our rental expires on Aug 1...and we still have 3 bills to clean up (not sure they show up on our credit report though). I should check our report as I haven't done it in 1 yr and a month...and you should check it every 6 mos. He did tell me about a really great program they points, no PMI, or closing costs and they have a matching down payment if you qualify based on income (has to be low or moderate)and the home has to be located in certain areas. I also looked at a home search mag my mom gave me and wrote down 2 1/2 pages of possible homes that fit our criteria...yeah!!! My dad said that given our options, I should try ALL programs and institutions out there and not to give up, and to do what ever it takes, as not buying before Aug 1. will mean having to give up most if not all of our pets in order to find someone who will rent to us....and that's if we can afford to rent as most places around here are way out of our reach...we were so lucky to get this house. It's TOTALLY rediculous that we pay much more in rent than anyone I know who is paying a mortgage!!! I spoke to dh last nite about having to further tighten our spending belt to be able to pull off a buy by Aug 1 and he reacted very badly...not sure what is up with him...I hope he is not going into another depression cause of the war in Iraq as he did after 911 (btw, tonite is the meeting that his therapist who asked me to come along as he wanted to get my side of things).

I've gotton maybe 1/3 of the ttd list done for this week...and other than getting more of the paperwork together for doing the taxes, I haven't actually been able to start them yet....ugh

I did make good headway on getting my home clean again (dishes and laundry are looking way better...and all the rooms are less cluttered)

Both my home businesses are doing well and keeping me busy, which is good concidering we will need all the money possible to get our act together in time for a buy by Aug 1

Any prayers or hugs would be greatly appreciated....I feel guilty sometimes like last nite after the talk between dh and me...I feel like I have enough on my "plate" and just wish for once he would act like an adult instead of a child....and help me with everything, or at least not add to our problems. His meds are soooooo expensive and our co-pays are really damaging our all the medical and mental health appts are also draining us and he just seems to be getting WORSE not better and, well, honestly sometimes I could just SCREAM, but can't, so I'm glad I can at least post here when things get tough.

Maybe, I can find some time this weekend to read and post to all of your posts...believe me, I miss doing so!!!!

Take care everyone....(((((((((hugs))))))))))) to all who need them