Can't find 4-3 posts? Am I brain-dead???

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Can't find 4-3 posts? Am I brain-dead???
Fri, 04-04-2003 - 9:37am
ugh...didn't get back on yesterday as I hoped and wanted to try to catch up with ya all...ugh...where did 4-3 posts in the general catagory go???? Am, I just so bleary-eyed and brain dead from my incredibly busy week that I am overlooking

What did I miss???? LOL

I wanna come back and play soooooooo bad!!! I hate taxes!!!! I'm tempted to just make up numbers and just mail the stupid mess!!! lol...just kiddin!!! IRS agents on here...I hope!!! Today besides it being major cleaning day today and tomorrow, I have to make a serious dent in getting our taxes done by Sunday (or so my goal is...sigh). Made good head way this week with our home search. The therapist appt went well with dh and his "shrink" He seemed really informed and able to pick up on things my dh said and made him clarify...which is not always easy when his thoughts keep running!!! the funny part was that this therapist kept repeating alot of the phrases that I do at, poor dh....he was very agitated, or excited at one point and when the therapist was trying to explain to him about his bipolar and manic episodes, dh was totally lost and, well, I guess the therapist got a good idea of how dh is at home/work. He asked me alot of questions about our we handle conflicts, about our many separations..e.t.c. and how dh has been for the 1 yr and 1 mos that he has been back home.

Our weather is again COLD!!! and may snow again late Sat or Sun...grrrrrr Where oh where is SPRING????? all the grass seeds I planted will probably freeze and refuse to grow...sigh!!!

Well, I hope to be back on more next week, if I get these blasted tax forms done and submitted

Take care everyone!!!! Don't have toooooo much fun without me on the bd!!!! just kiddin!!!


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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 9:49am
Hi Laura, have you tried using the outline view? Sometimes it's easier to find something that way or at the top right side of the screen is a menu that you can view only todays, or go back 2 days or go back 4 days, etc., it's called Show Me.

Hth, get those taxes done!!

Glad the therapy session went well.

Have a great weekend.