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Sun, 09-05-2010 - 12:38pm
I have always wanted to be a stay at homme mom while making an income. So once my mat leave ran out I knew that the easiest thing to do to stay home with my son was to open a dayhome. I started out with 2 kids and quickly went to 5. We built and moved 2 yrs ago so comming to a new area where there was many dayhomes around every corner was hard. I had to cut prices ect. I began with just 1 kid and after 6 months went up to 3. But with the economy going up and down I am always loosing and gaining kids here and there. At the end of Aug I let one go that I had since the beginning that was just driving me nutz. I am so happy I did it, but with just 2 kids It doesnt seem worth it to open some days. I am really anal about my clean home. I let my kids make a mess, but I funtion better in a clean home. KWIM? I feel I owe it to my family to keep a clean home if I am lucky enough to be a SAHM. But sometimes I think I stress to much about it.