Coffee Break 4/16/10

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Coffee Break 4/16/10
Fri, 04-16-2010 - 6:52am
Happy Friday! Running some errands after work today and then I think just some cleaning. I'm going to put a roast in the slow cooker this a.m. Katie has an activity night at the middle school tonight, so there is running around involved in that. Otherwise, just hanging around this weekend!
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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 7:11am

Good Morning!

Today I have to "work" at the school and then I will come home to mop my floors...YAY!!! Not. Anyway, that is about it. Austin is having a friend over tomorrow (girl) and he needs to get his room cleaned up.

Supper tonight will be lasagna with salad and buttered toast.

Have a great day ladies!

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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 8:22am

Good morning..chilly and rainy here today. Boys have a full day of school today, thankfully. They are off next week. I've got to deep clean the house- the usual Friday routine. Dil has an appt to see how his finger is healing. I also need to make time for exercises. We are going to a friends this evening for a bit. I believe the kids will eat there.

Dinner for dh and I?????


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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 9:01am

Morning darlin's!

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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 11:16am

I will spend the most part of the day cuddling and loving on yDD since we spent half the night in the ER with a ruptured ear drum. The two older kids ave baseball games tonite if the rain holds out. The weekend will be filled with more baseball games and who knows what else. I am impatiently waiting on DH to get home to fix my van so I can go get dinner and yDD's medicine before the other kids get home from school.
Dinner will be whatever I decide to make when I am at the store but definitely something fast and easy.


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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 2:33pm




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Fri, 04-16-2010 - 4:48pm

Good afternoon! The weather is beautiful outside! Today I went to the commissary, Pennies, and Gymboree. Nothing planned tonight.