Coffee Break 4/29/10

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Coffee Break 4/29/10
Thu, 04-29-2010 - 6:21am

Happy Thursday! I'm hitting the ground running today! Work, post office, school to set up for Grandparent Lunch, grocery shop, dinner, take Molly to cheerleading, book club! Woo Hoo! I'll need book club by the end of this crazy day. Mark will pick her up. Dinner, I believe, will be leftovers.


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Thu, 04-29-2010 - 8:08am

Morning all!

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Thu, 04-29-2010 - 8:19am

Good Morning. Everyone is off to school and I've been doing housework. It neveer ends . I've got a bunch of errands, need a couple hours to do my exercises etc...Dec has two baseball buddies coming over after school. they'll play, I'll supervise homework then drop them all at practice tonight which goes late.

I also have some writing to do and am in dire need of a haircut. Somehow that hair isn't going to get done anytime soon

not sure on dinner yet.


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Thu, 04-29-2010 - 9:33am

Good morning! Today will be a little quieter than the rest of my week so far. I need to clean up around the house, do some laundry, exercise and run to the post office and bank.

Dinner is going to be grilled chicken and something.