Coffee Break 5/3/10

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Coffee Break 5/3/10
Mon, 05-03-2010 - 6:31am
Monday again? How does this keep happening? LOL! Anyway, I have work and then I need to go renew my driver's license. I should have done it already, so since yesterday was my birthday, its now expired and I have to pay extra. I just kept forgetting about it! After that, I have laundry to do and dinner to make. DH and I both have meetings tonight. Busy day :) As usual......
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Mon, 05-03-2010 - 8:17am

Happy Belated Birthday Wendy! You may not have a fee- I know here in CT there is a grace period fo renewing. Maybe you have one as well.

As for me...everyone is off to school. It's pouring out and expected to do so all day. Tonights baseball game will probably be cancelled. - or rescheduled that is. I've got some housework to do but not much else going on today.

dinner??maybe roasted drumsticks, potatoes, salad


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Mon, 05-03-2010 - 8:29am

Good morning and Happy Belated Birthday! The kids are off to school. I have cleaning and laundry to do here. I also have to run to the post office, go to Lowes to exchange some things and head off to the meat packers to pick up our beef. I am also going to DDs school to volunteer. DSs b-day is on Friday and he is having a sleepover with 3 friends so I will spend this week preparing for that, as well as for the family party we will have for him on Saturday.

Dinner tonight will probably be tacos or spaghetti, not sure yet...

Have a great day!



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Mon, 05-03-2010 - 9:59am

Happy belated Birthday Wendy!

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Mon, 05-03-2010 - 4:23pm

Can you freakin' believe it's May already?!

I don't know how it is for everybody else, but here April showeres brought May showers and wind. Some May flowers, but so much wind they're being blown off and branches broken.

On the menu list for tonight was salmon, rice, and asparagus. I got the rice and asparagus but the salmon at WinCo was farm raised and "color added". I don't want artificial pink added to my salmon to give it a more pink color. Wild caught Alaskan salmon is plenty pink and so super much better. Anyways, I didn't buy any. And I sort of forgot I didn't until this morning when I went to get it out of the freezer. So now we're having meatloaf.

Caroline's teacher called and said the school was letting the kids go early because of a storm blowing this way. Already had the power go out and then come back on and flicker more at the school. A couple of trees are broken around the court house. Over reaction a little much if you ask me. It's not like lightning and hellfire falling from the sky. So now Dan just dropped off Caroline and there is sunshine. Just a break in the clouds but still, funny.

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