Coffee Break 8/9/10

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Coffee Break 8/9/10
Mon, 08-09-2010 - 7:16am

Hey! Look at is 8-9-10! Cool! I'm easily entertained, lol!

Today is rainy and yucky and hot and humid. I think I'll work on some laundry and the girls need to practice their instruments. Molly needs to write thank you notes. I'd like to take them to visit some puppies....our friends dog had 5 puppies, 4 of which were born on Molly's birthday. This made her very happy, lol!

Dinner will be taco salad.

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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 7:51am

Morning sweeties!

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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 8:07am

Good Morning..I've got to tide up, dye the greys out and then we're all going to a Yankees/ Red Sox game today. Should be fun, I hope. I've never been to a "real baseball game before .lol.. Dinner will be whatever I feel like cooking when we get back.


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Mon, 08-09-2010 - 10:08am

Good morning! Today I have lots of laundry to do and cleaning up from the weekend. I also have a little bit of work to do and then I hope to take the kids to the pool. It is going to be in the 90s today so cool water sounds good. 2 more weeks until school starts...

Dinner tonight... steaks on the grill.

Have a great day everyone!!