Don't Carpe Diem

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Don't Carpe Diem
Wed, 02-01-2012 - 12:04pm

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Fri, 02-03-2012 - 1:13pm
Loved it! Exactly how I feel, I love my kids and I wouldn't trade being home with them for anything but the day to day getting through things can be less than fun... As for mommy guilt... yep... I always feel I could/should be doing better. I think that is one of the signs of being a good mom, I just don't let the guilt take over my life.
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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 10:04pm
I LOVE that article! My mom is always telling me how much she enjoyed being a mom and that she actually loved the terrible twos because we were learning so much and so.adventurous and blah blah blab... seriously? I know for a fact I was not an angel. I specifically remember, in kindergarten, my mom telling me to get ready I hated getting dressed, so I continued playing. Again she came and told me to get dressed but this time.with an added option: get dressed now, or get a spanking. Well lets just say the next time she came in, I'd decided a spanking was worth it. This part I don't remember, but she says that she said, "why aren't you dressed?" My response, "but mom, you said I could get dressed OR get a spanking." Turns out getting spanked did not mean I got to skip getting dressed!
With moments like these, I know parenting wasn't pretty, but can she not just be honest? Sometimes its boring, depressing, frustrating, and just plain stinky! Then I see my son look at me from across the room and take one, two, three teetering steps toward me before he collapses with a triumphant grin and I forget for a moment how exhausted I am. :)

Manda :)