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Sat, 06-11-2011 - 11:06pm


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Mon, 06-13-2011 - 5:44pm
I can totally relate. Your feelings about leaving you baby girl is something most moms go through. Totally normal, don't feel bad about it. You will know when you are ready. However, I wouldn't force it because you won't enjoy yourself if you do. It's not realistic to think that you and your husband are enough when it comes to caring for her. My husband and I thought that, and we found out not long after that we needed our family and our friends to help us. Your baby girl is young so take your time. But it sounds like there might be some issues you and your husband need to get through so you can make sure you are getting time together. If you don't, the marriage suffers and when the marriage suffers the child suffers. Hope that helps.
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Wed, 06-15-2011 - 10:45am

You are perfectly normal..not crazy at all! I can relate to your fear, you just have to make sure when you go it is not around her nap time/bed time. If it gives you a 2-3 hour window, then go in that window of time sounds like a decent amount of time to get away and have some me time :)

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Sounds pretty normal for a first time mom. Take it slow, trust your instincts and you'll get to where you can leave her for longer times. If you force it you'll just be miserable while you are out.