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Good day
Fri, 04-15-2011 - 4:13pm

My husband will be getting a 2nd paycheck because he quit his job and is going to another company. Its suppose to be in or around 5000. Which I think is huge! We have to get my son bunk beds. Not a rush, but he needs it cause we have company coming to help when baby is born and I dont have a spare bedroom for them. I also want to paint/decorate my son's room so it looks complete. Theres just so much to do with this money. I really want to put at least half of it towards debt as I would really like to be able to let all my daycare kids go Sept 1st. On another note 1 client did not pay their daycare fees today!!!! This makes me so mad!

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Mon, 04-18-2011 - 4:56am

I knew someone once who did home daycare and I think not getting paid, on payday, was a big factor as to why she stopped doing it.