Good Sunday mornin to ya'll!!m

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Good Sunday mornin to ya'll!!m
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 9:29am
I had a fabulous time in chat last was really great....although I probably have an advantage over all you gals in that when I stopped it was only 10:00, when I finally tuckered Gina out it was 12:00 at her place. Oh well, sucks to be ya'll!!LMAO!! j/k!!

Anywho, we had planned on church today. I really like going and i so want to today, but unfortunately with the truck now dead in front of the church it doesn't do me any good, so my only option is my bike. That's a wonderful option if the weather wasn't so dang nasty! It's blowing like crazy and looks like i'm stuck inside again.....oh well. At least dh is on his way home. he phoned again this morning to tell me he's on the road again, he's heading into Edmonton and will spend the night there in an apartment that the company provides, see the dorks in the office tomorrow and head home after that. So, just over 30 hours before I see my dh......YAYAYYAY!!

Well, have a fabulous day everyone!!


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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 10:16am
Morning Jody! I enjoyed the chat too! I love the late night chats...with Dh working evenings, I have more time then, LOL! Glad to hear your hubby is going to be home soon! Have a great day! Misty