Happy Tuesday ! Can't post much (m)

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Happy Tuesday ! Can't post much (m)
Tue, 04-01-2003 - 12:04pm
Have to force myself to take a quick break. There is soooooo much going on this week that I feel that I have to keep moving at all times...ugh

I did find a twin bed frame for Celine yesterday only $32 with tax...not bad! The really tough part was taking down the rest of the old frame (the part that didn't fall apart!). Putting up the new one was o.k., once I deciphered the instructions!!! Can't mfg's make instructions that make sence, or that a hidden code among them??? lol

Celine is still not feeling well and still feels like she has to pee frequently when she doesn't have to really go....so, I suspect that this med didn't work. When I was talking to me sis who lives in MA, she told me that she has always gotton alot of UTI's so, I guess there is family history, after all...so, I'll need to tell our family dr that when I take Celine in for her f/u appt nt week. She is drinking at least one glass of cranberry/apple drink and also lots of water...my sis said to try Ocean Spray brand and also cranberry/grape as that is what her kids like best.

DH's inability to think or connect thoughts is getting worse...sigh...I normally have alot of patience, but I'm no saint, and it gets to me sometimes...he left both the outside and inside doors unlocked late last nite AGAIN and we live in Cleveland in a not so good neighborhood....this is the 3rd time...so I talked with him last nite and based on his inability to grasp the seriousness of why he needs to think when he goes out and LOCK the doors at night, I decided that he can't go out once he is home at night as I can't always be checking the doors when he is home at nite. I don't know what else to do...I hate treating him like a child, but that is exactly how he acts...grrrrr. I wish his meds would work already, or that his dr would try a different combination or something, he is also still depressed but not as much as a month or two ago.

I have a 2 page ttd (things to do) list for this week again....about 40 some items and have gotton about 8 things done....and they are ALL must do things too...ugh! I've accomplished alot this morning and feel I deserve a break and of course I HAVE to come here...lol

Hope you all are having a great week so far and again, I'm sorry, I won't be able to read or post much this week...but taxes have to get done and I got to get this home search going.

Take care everyone! ((((((hugs))))))) to anyone who needs them


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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 1:01pm
Wow, Laura...I think you need a big (((((HUG))))).

You put up with so much, I'm sure it must be so NOT easy for you. You are amazing! You'll get all the things done on your list this week, and will feel good about yourself for doing it all!

It sounds like you made a good decision about dh. I don't know a lot about that stuff, but what else to do?? Hopefully the docs will fix his meds...soon.

Have a good afternoon, hunny!


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Tue, 04-01-2003 - 1:23pm
Hi Laura,

I hope things calm down for you soon. Good luck with your hubby, I think you have an amazing amount of patience!

Have a good week!