Hi! hope you all are having a

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Hi! hope you all are having a
Sun, 04-06-2003 - 8:25pm
GREAT weekend.

It's been a rough few days here.

Between working outside the home all week long, getting dh's bike,trying to keep the house up and my dad's birthday hit me REALLY hard Fri.

When dh got the motorcycle he had left it over at our friend's house (Mike & Mischelle). Mischelle is my business partner too. Mon-Thur we have been over at their house - me cooking dinner and her cleaning up, dh would get off work eat something REAL quick and then go ride his bike. Well Fri all he!! broke loose cause he (dh) got off work early and he couldn't get to his bike to ride it. He was also irked cause I had asked him to get the boys(Zachary and then Mike & Mischelle's 2 boys) off the bus cause we worked till 3:45 and STILL needed to go get paid for a job that we had done the prior week. Anyway he was irked cause the boys were being boys. Not to mention he is going thru withdrawals due to quitting smoking - but do I have to be the one that has to take it all. Anyway to make a long story short - I told dh Sat let's go get the damn bike from their garage and bring it home so that he can have access to it anytime. I also told him that I didn't buy him a bike so that it could stay in someone's elses damn garage. When dh had called to tell them that we were going over their to get his bike he never told them that he wanted his bike home cause he was tired of not having access to it. He made it seem like I was being a biotch and going to sell the damn thing. Well dh & I have been at each other's throats ALL weekend long. I have a right mind to sell the freaking farking thing just to prove how much of a biotch that I REALLY am.


I hope you ALL have had a better weekend than I have.

Max (here's to a better tomorrow)

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 10:11am
Hi Max,

Hope things are better with you and Paul this week! He should be thanking you for letting him buy that nice toy!