Hoping for a better week ahead (m)

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Hoping for a better week ahead (m)
Sun, 03-30-2003 - 11:40am
Well, it's been a week since my bil passed, and it's been hell. I would first like to thank you ladies for being there for me and my sis with hugs.

The services were held Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was the viewing during the day and then the rosary/vigil. We had the biggest chapel at the funeral home and it was standing room only at the vigil. There were so many people. I knew Ray knew a lot of people but we were all so surprised. The people who gave testimonials were my sister (she was so strong), myself, my other sister, my brother, a couple of girls from Ray's work, my brother's two best friends and Ray's godparents. The priest had to finally cut us off!

One thing was clear from all those who spoke. Ray was dedicated to my sister, his children and to his immediate family. It was so nice hearing about him from other people.

Thursday was the funeral service and again, it was standing room only. My sister was surprised because usually the turnout is less since people have to work, etc. But a number of people were there who had been there the night before plus those who coudn't make it.

Surprisingly, my nieces and nephew were okay. They went up to their dad a number of times but when we had the final viewing, I couldn't stop crying, watching them say goodbye to their dad.

We had a gathering at my parents and a lot of people showed up, including old work folks (I brought Ray in to the company before I left, two jobs ago). Ray did not have life insurance and the company gave my sister a little over 3K. Other people gave her checks as well, but I don't think they knew ( it's not something you advertise)

Yesterday, we went to my nieces softball game. We had about 13 people cheering them on and both teams won. My older nieces team added to their banner, "In memory of Coach Marquez". My sister choked up when she saw it.

My husband said the other night, "I'm going to have to step up for these kids. Your dad is getting older. Jacob (my othe sister's son) dad is not around. Your brother lives in another city. That leaves me. I better go buy a baseball glove." It was so sweet.

Well, I'm off to write some thank you cards. Thanks for reading.
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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 12:28pm
Continued ((((HUGS)))) to you...channon
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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 4:52pm
(((HUGS))) To you, your sister & your family!!! How great that so many people came to honor your BIL. Sounds as if he was WELL RESPECTED!!! How sweet of your DH to want to step up for your neices and nephews, what a GREAT GUY!!! Hope you have a better weeek!!!