Humiliating Kids to Punish Parents?

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Humiliating Kids to Punish Parents?
Mon, 11-11-2013 - 11:34pm

This article really made me kind of angry:

She writes about how her son was humiliated when his lunch account was in the red.  Instead of letting him get a lunch and sending a note home, a cafeteria worker threw his lunch in the trash in front of all the other kids and sent him to the office to call her.  By that time, lunch was over and she was told that he would be sent back to class without food.  Apparently, stories like this are becoming common.  It's never happened to us, though.  My kids have lunch accounts, and when they hit a certain dollar amount I get an e-mail notification to let me know that the accounts are getting low.  If I forget to make a payment (it's happened), then I know that they can get a lunch anyway.  I think they only disallow buying lunch on "credit" during the last month of school.  What do they do if a child forgots lunch money or their lunch at home?  Here, the kids can get a lunch anyway and the parent gets a note.  To deny a child food and then embarrass them in front of the school is just wrong. 

Do you know what your school's policy is on lunch payments?