I could not post here all day yesterday

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I could not post here all day yesterday
Sat, 03-29-2003 - 8:55am
Did anyone miss me???

For some reason, I could not log on yesterday, I kept getting an error on page message. I've been checking cookies, scripting permissions...etc and finally was able to log on to ivillage just now and am posting for the first time since Thur....ugh

I missed chatting with ya all yesterday!!!

I'm thinking this firewall protection and online virus protection thing is more trouble than it's worth!!!

BTW.....I hate these new boards...I miss being able to read all the replies subj lines below everyone's posts....this way is sooooooo time consuming!!!

I made dog biscuits yesterday and they are a real hit with my dog and puppy

My niece was dropped off yesterday morning and will be with us til Sunday morning

I notified our landlord last nite that we will not be buying this house...now, I have to wait to see if he is able to refinance thru another bank for himself or if the bank will be taking ownership of the house and what that will do to our rental agreement which isn't suppose to expire til Aug 1st...ugh...I hate uncertainity, especially where it comes to where we will be living. So, far I can't find anything that we can afford that is within a hr's driving distance of where dh works on realtor.com Does anyone else know of any good internet sites to look for homes???

We went to Kmart yesterday and I bought $65 worth of stuff....bra for me (yikes I measured a couple of sizes higher than when I last measured myself 7 yrs ago!!! lol), some socks for the girls, tennis shoes for Stephanie, two containers to organize my hallway shelves, grass seed and fertilizer.

Today I have to do some major cleaning (the house is a wreck, cause Celine's been sick since last weekend with this uti)and my two home businesses have kept me hopping this past week, so no time to clean. Dishes and laundry are piled high and the bathroom needs a good cleaning...ugh, won't be on much today...now that I can get on this bd...sigh

Wishing everyone a great weekend, take care, and have fun!!!


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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 9:35am
Morning Laura! My firewall isn't causing me any problems. Wonder why yours is? I still like the old boards better but we have to get used to these. Have a wonderful day..channon
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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 10:42am
Ok girl, sit down, you're makin me tired!LMAO!! After reading all you do, no wonder you're a little stressed with the house situation. I read both posts(the one below to me and this one) and I'm proud of you for taking that step. One thing I was thinkin that if the bank does take it, they may continue to rent to you to honor the agreement until they sell the house to get their money back. If the landlord can get refinancing(which i really doubt that shady guy can get anything!) then you also get to stay. One thing I don't know is what is the "zipcode or community" loan? Being in Canada, banks here are REALLY willing to give money away.

Hope Celine gets better soon, sounds like those UTI's are really bad huh. Take it easy on yourself today, you've had a rough week with sick babe's. Try and have a great day girl!!


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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 10:49am
Hi Laura

I wasn't able to post much either yesterday, onepost and that was it

when it is not an error it stop the page and says I have to refresh

I hat this board

Good luck with your house plan hope everything will fall into place soon for you and the family

Good Luck


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Sat, 03-29-2003 - 12:29pm
Hope you can work something out with the landlord, Laura! Moving would be such a pain!

Have a great weekend!